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The different types of swimming pool: the Complete Guide

Buried, semi-buried, above-ground, organic ... Find the complete Finance Studio Guide to know everything about the different types of swimming pool to help you make the right choice!
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Swimming pool construction: the different stages

Find the complete Finance Studio Guide to learn about the different stages of building a swimming pool, whatever the type of swimming pool!

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Kitchen kit VS custom-made kitchen: How to make the right choice?

How to make the right choice between the kit kitchen and the tailor-made kitchen to change your kitchen? Here is the information to know before deciding!
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Remote surveillance: the solution to protect your home and loved ones against burglaries

Each year, thousands of burglaries are committed in France. Simple means of protection (such as 3-point doors, bars on windows, etc.) are no longer sufficient to deter the most cunning burglars. For that, nothing better than to be equipped with an alarm system associated with a remote monitoring service.

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Arrange your balcony well for the summer

Find the complete Finance Studio Guides to improve the exterior layout of your home! Swimming pool, balcony, garden ...

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Window tax credit 2020: how to benefit?


Works insurance: which one to choose according to your projects?