A loan commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

Personal loan

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Works insurance: which one to choose according to your projects?


Deductible works: which works can be deducted from property income?

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Depreciable credit: what is it? How it works ?

Do you need a repayable loan to carry out a project? Discover the eligible housing and beneficiaries, and the differences between fixed rate and variable rate, amortizable credit and in fine credit.

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How to calculate the cost of a personal loan?

Before borrowing money to carry out your projects, you must estimate what this credit will actually cost you. What is the total cost of a loan? How to calculate it?

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Energy precariousness

Energy poverty, what is it? What measures against this phenomenon?

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Denormandie Law 2019: conditions and amount of the new system

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Energy premiums 2019 what's new?

Personal loan

Carry out all your projects thanks to the personal loan .