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solar panel

What are the advantages of solar panels?

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COP24: What commitments at the end of the conference?

solar panel

What are the advantages of solar panels?

Today, solar panels are becoming more and more accessible to individuals. This is because the market is structured which makes the prices attractive. Environmental discourses also resonate in the collective consciousness and the idea of ​​producing green energy by becoming more and more independent of the grid is attractive. We explain the benefits of investing in solar panels today.
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COP24: What commitments at the end of the conference?

Bringing together nearly 200 countries, the COP24 took place in Poland, in Katowice, from December 3 to 14, 2018. The negotiations did not lead to new commitments, despite the alarming report published by the scientists of the IPCC (Group of 'intergovernmental experts on climate change). Within public opinion, many voices regret the meager results of these talks.

What is an "ecological house"?

The expression "ecological house" does not for the moment refer to any official definition, but covers very real and fashionable concepts. Following the principle of sustainable development, the ecological house uses materials with a low carbon footprint and non-polluting “green” energies.

"Ecological" terraces: aesthetic and durable

Ecological terraces have been trending for a few years, as in general everything that has appeal to the sustainable development of housing. And who says "ecological" implies "ecomaterials", these very low polluting and recyclable building materials, unlike concrete. For ecological terraces, the reference material is wood, which combines aesthetics and durability.


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"Positive energy", what is it?

In recent years and the Grenelle de l'Environnement in 2007, many neologisms and expressions have flourished on the theme of sustainable development, such as "positive energy", even if the concepts already existed before.

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74% of French people consider themselves concerned by energy savings

A survey by Engie Home Services should, for once, bring balm to the heart of the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development. Nearly three-quarters of French people consider the carrying out of ecological work in their homes as a priority.

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These countries at the forefront of sustainable development

According to a study by a US research firm of 2014 ( "Global Green Economy Index"), France is a respectable 13th position worldwide among the greenest countries.

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Understanding the greenhouse effect and global warming

“Greenhouse gases” are one of the central concerns of COP 21, whose stated objective is to limit global warming to 1.5 °. But what does this famous protocol contain?

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Understand COP21 in 5 minutes

If the expression "COP21" has flourished abundantly in the media in recent months, its real meaning still escapes the less informed.

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From COP 1 to COP 22, a little history of international summits

The last COP 21 was an opportunity to highlight this type of large international summit, little known to the general public.

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The “SmartFlower”, the renewal of photovoltaics?

Aesthetic, efficient and requiring little or no major work, the SmartFlower embodies the progress of high technology in the service of sustainable development.

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COP 21, and after?

The COP 21 was undeniably a symbolic success for international diplomacy, finally breaking with the procrastination of previous conferences. Clear decisions have been made. For many specialists, these even turn out to be too ambitious or at least unrelated to the reality of global warming.

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France, first G 20 nation to ratify the COP 21 Agreement

The President of the Republic signed on June 15 a decree authorizing the ratification of France to the Paris Agreement resulting from the COP 21, dating from December 2015. France is the first nation of the G 20 to ratify the treaty, which leaves another year for the 174 other signatory parties to do so.

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The building of the future will produce its own energy

Since the beginning of the 2000s, French legislation has been strengthening in an attempt to limit this worrying observation; RT2012 in particular imposes strict requirements for new buildings, in order to limit their energy consumption as much as possible. The short-term objective is to switch from 2020 to “positive energy” buildings.

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Wood heating returns to success

Having become an extra or simply decorative element for the lucky ones equipped with a fireplace, wood heating has come back in force in recent years, for aesthetic reasons, but also economic ones. And, contrary to what one might imagine, it is also an ecological heating method.

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The ecological bonus-malus system soon to be applied to housing

The tax system applied since 2008 to vehicles will soon extend to housing. Indeed, the principle of the law passed in 2007 following the Grenelle de l'Environnement will soon extend to housing, which will have to be renovated within 10 years, that is to say before 2025.

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Renewable energies for sustainable housing

Renewable energies are destined to take an increasingly important place in the countries of the European Union, with a target of 20% of final energy consumption by 2020. For France, the second European producer of energy. renewable energies behind Germany, this figure is a little more ambitious, at 23%.

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Green energies in France, a potential that is still little exploited

“Green energies” refer to natural and renewable energies that do not emit any greenhouse gases, as opposed to fossil energies (oil, coal, gas).


Alternative energy sources for the future

What will be the sources of “green” energy used in the decades to come? Some are already known and (a little) used, such as solar and wind energy. Others are still poorly controlled, such as wave energy or tidal energy.

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Energy transition law: what really changes

The “law on energy transition for green growth” was finally promulgated on August 28, after years of gestation. Among the fifty or so measures that came into force immediately (the law will be fully applied at the beginning of 2016), a good part concerns the renovation of buildings and energy savings. The stated aim is to involve property owners in the great challenge of reducing energy expenditure in France.

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Legislative offensive against the less efficient water heaters and boilers

The government's war (inspired by European directives) against energy waste and greenhouse gas emissions continues. After the old filament bulbs and the antique electric heaters from the 70s, the offensive has been targeting boilers and water heaters since September 26.

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What is a “sustainable city”?

Riding on the famous concept of sustainable development, a “sustainable city” proposes to bet on so-called “green” energies, to construct ecological buildings, or to use non-polluting public transport.

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Eco-districts, for sustainable cities

At a time when ecology and sustainable development have taken a considerable place in our daily life, homes are not left on the sidelines with eco-districts which are increasingly talked about. Where are we today and what are the future prospects and objectives for these neighborhoods? Let's take stock of the situation.

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Solar painting, the future of energy?

Solar painting could well succeed solar panels in the coming years. This is the discovery made by several researchers from the prestigious RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology), in Australia. Their research shows that this paint could generate clean energy that can be easily stored.

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Towards COP 22 in Marrakech

The Paris conference (COP 21) ended on December 12, 2015 with an international agreement hailed as historic. The series of “COPs” (“Conference of Parties”), which began in 1992 with the Rio summit, did not end with this success, however.

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money-savings sulu

74% of French people consider themselves concerned by energy savings

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These countries at the forefront of sustainable development

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