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Bio-based and geosourced materials: renewable products used in construction

steel frame house

The steel frame house: advantages and disadvantages


Bio-based and geosourced materials: renewable products used in construction

What is a bio-based material, what are the materials concerned? Why are they used more and more in construction in France?

steel frame house

The steel frame house: advantages and disadvantages

Did you know ? About 10% of single-family homes have a metal frame. Once reserved for industrial buildings, steel is becoming fashionable again and is now inviting itself into our homes. Timeless and understated, it blends wonderfully with other materials, such as concrete and wood. In addition, the steel house offers many advantages and few disadvantages. The scale is clearly playing in its favor!
Bamboo house sulu

Bamboo in construction: the pros and cons

Bamboo is on the rise in construction. Used in particular in Asia for centuries, "green steel" is attracting more and more people. Considered as "the brother of man" in Japan, symbol of joy and serenity in China, there are no less than 1300 species. But is bamboo completely ecological? It depends on where it comes from and how it is used. Explanations.
Bordeaux_2020 sulu

Two wooden buildings in Bordeaux in 2020

If the individual wooden houses are talked about more and more, in a context of sustainable development particularly media, wooden buildings remain unrecognized. For good reason: they are still in France to this day, non-existent. However, the lines should soon change: a series of spectacular projects are underway.

Sulu ecological concrete

On the way to ecological concrete?

If concrete has long symbolized the industrial revolution and economic prosperity, it is now one of the materials in the crosshairs of sustainable development.

sulu hemp

Eco-construction: the revenge of hemp

Hemp has reappeared thanks to the miracle of sustainable development: it has begun to reclaim it and return to favor. Come and find out everything you need to know about this eco-material to integrate into your future projects.

sulu steel-building

Steel, a key material in ecological construction

Steel is not strictly speaking a new material, mastered by man since the Iron Age. Amplified during the 19th century with the Industrial Revolution, the use of steel has continued until today, remaining one of the most widely used materials for construction by developed countries.

applications_hp2a-fr sulu

Clay stronger than concrete? H2PA, ecological construction

Cement concrete is still by far the most widely used material in construction, with 100 tonnes produced every second worldwide, and the same amount of CO2 released.

sulu wooden house.

Brick, a "clean" material that benefits from sustainable development

Construction represents one of the main challenges of sustainable development, with the need to use materials that pollute much less than concrete. The brick is making a comeback ...

2-1-visual-house-straw sulu

The straw house, champion of lowering the energy bill?

At the start of the 2010s, it was just one more new trend: building your house out of straw, an eco-friendly act that smacks of a return to nature, with vaguely baba-cool hints. From now on, in a foggy socio-economic context, it is serious, with the key to resolutely concrete and pragmatic interests, which are expressed in terms of energy bill, carbon footprint or even energy saving work. energy.

chanvribloc sulu

The rebirth of a forgotten: hemp, the new star of eco-materials

Almost disappeared in the twentieth century, hemp has made a strong comeback in construction in recent years, thanks to its excellent insulating properties.

img-article-velez2 sulu

Bamboo, a future star of sustainable development?

Bamboo construction has been on the rise in recent years, fueled by the chain of global laws in favor of sustainable development.


Concrete, the enemy of sustainable development? Not that much

An “ecological concrete”, here is what could surprise on behalf of this assembly of materials, generally pointed out as terribly energy-consuming and polluting. However, there are alternatives to cement concrete made from mineral materials: earthen concrete.

ob-2c17a0-alga-fucus-vesiculosus sulu

Algae, a new eco-material for construction?

Seaweed is a first-class “eco-material”: a negative carbon footprint, a crucial element of biodiversity, a source of food ... Find out all you need to know about this powerful source of energy.
1468941251-1084-mushroom-mycotech-3-zoom sulu

Ecological materials: a mushroom brick and a wooden block

While clay bricks can be relatively environmentally friendly, concrete blocks are, on the other hand, among the materials least in line with the wave of sustainable development.

maison-en_bois-mr48 sulu

Why build a wooden house?

The weekend of September 20 took place the Habitat & Bois Fair at the Epinal Congress Center. The living room was already celebrating its 36th edition, but a fresh wind blowing in allied exhibitors, in a rapidly changing sector. If it is still struggling to attract young apprentices to get started, customers are however more and more attracted by wooden buildings. Why ? The answer is invariable: sustainable development and (or) economies.

fotolia-124309862-ecological-concrete sulu

Ecological concrete, material of the future?

Moussa Thiam, a young Malian expatriate in Canada came up with the idea of ​​inventing a new type of ecological cement, based on sand, gravel and plastic waste. Concrete is one of the most used mineral assemblies of man.

bathroom-bnp-matton-25-04-17 sulu

How to integrate wood in your bathroom?

Transforming a bathroom into a warm and modern room is not that complicated. You just need to choose the right materials. If the wood has long been left out, the water-repellent treatments now allow it to invite itself into the water features.

greensulate-non-toxic-insulation-panels sulu

Four new building materials for the home

Faced with the imperatives of sustainable development, since the 2000s, good ideas for environmentally friendly materials have multiplied.

une-mandeville-canyon-residence-rockefeller-partners-architects-615x300 sulu

The renewal of the stone house

Building a stone house, in the light of human history, is anything but a new idea. This process has come back in force in recent years with, since the 2000s, the promotion of ecological trends on the international scene.

wooden-house_2 sulu

Timber construction, back to basics?

Today, wood is making a strong comeback in major projects that are part of sustainable development.

fotolia-124309862-ecological-concrete sulu

Ecological Concrete: manufacturing without cement is now possible!

What is ecological concrete? How is it produced? Why is it a less polluting alternative than traditional concrete? We tell you everything!

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Bio-based and geosourced materials: renewable products used in construction

fotolia-124309862-ecological-concrete sulu

Ecological Concrete: manufacturing without cement is now possible!

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