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How to switch to condensation with a collective condominium flue?


How to find an RGE craftsman for his energy renovation work?


How to switch to condensation with a collective condominium flue?

In co-ownership, the switch from individual low-temperature gas boilers to gas condensing boilers may require work on the common areas. We explain why in this article.

How to find an RGE craftsman for his energy renovation work?

Having recourse to an RGE craftsman for his energy renovation work makes it possible to be eligible for certain State funding. Discover our tips for finding an RGE craftsman.

Double or triple glazing: what to choose?

What are the main characteristics of a triple glazed window? What are the main differences with a double glazed window? How to make the right choice ?
refreshing floor

Cooling floor: operation and advantages

Should we opt for underfloor air conditioning? Is it really economical? How does a cooling floor work? What are the differences with conventional air conditioning?
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Thermal strainer: soon measures against the rental of poorly insulated housing?

Poorly insulated housing generates significant energy consumption. A thermal strainer is a housing with poor insulation with a large consumption of heating or excessive air conditioning. It increases the energy bill and involves additional expenses. It is also called energy-intensive housing.
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Thermal inertia: definition and impact on insulation

We speak of thermal inertia when the physical capacity of the material maintains its temperature. It allows the heat from the sun's rays to be stored in winter and restores it inside thanks to the walls.


Vacant housing and deduction of charges: What works concerned in 2019?

What are the rights of the owner of a vacant home in terms of deduction of charges related to the work? What are the eligible jobs, or on the contrary those which are not deductible? Find our complete guide!


All about the maintenance of a gas boiler

To fully benefit from the performance of your gas boiler, it is essential to have the annual maintenance carried out by a professional. It is not only a legal obligation, but it is also the best way to limit the risk of breakdowns and to ensure the safety of your home.

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In which case should we resort to an architect? How to choose it well?

When you have a construction, extension, raising or even renovation project, calling on an Architect is often essential. This makes it possible to clarify your project, even to ensure the correct implementation by building companies.
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5 misconceptions about air conditioning

Every year, tens of thousands of air conditioners and heat pumps are installed in France, but these devices are sometimes (unfairly) criticized. Don't be fooled by these 5 misconceptions about air conditioning!

sulu hanging garden

Create a hanging garden at home

Hanging gardens are developing more and more in France. With a very attractive aesthetic, it is good to have as much information as possible before embarking on the adventure ...

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What works should be given priority to reduce your energy bill?

The winter period is often a source of significant expenditure for households. 50% of a household's budget is spent on heating. How to optimize your energy expenditure? What renovations should be preferred to reduce your energy bill?

thermal insulation

The best thermal insulation solutions

Good thermal insulation is one of the best ways to limit the energy expenditure of a home. Since 1 January 2013, the RT 2012 law imposes new stricter energy requirements for new buildings.


Interview of Alain Roure with Foncia, real estate specialist, on the heightening of buildings

Alain Roure, Director of the Co-ownership activity of Finance Studio was interviewed by the information blog of Foncia, real estate specialist, on the heightening of buildings

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What you need to know before insulating your attic

The combes insulation market meets a double objective: to increase the living area, and to strengthen the thermal insulation of the building. Because “lost” and poorly insulated attics represent the black spot of a habitat, with 25 to 30% of energy losses.

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solar panel

What are the advantages of solar panels?

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COP24: What commitments at the end of the conference?

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