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Arrangement under stairs: our advice

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The top 5 electrical appliances that consume the most in the house!


Arrangement under stairs: our advice

How to use the space under your stairs wisely? Discover our advice on how to fit out under the stairs to properly occupy this potential storage space!
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The top 5 electrical appliances that consume the most in the house!

In 40 years, the electricity consumption of the French has increased by 280%. Even if manufacturers are offering less and less energy-consuming electrical devices, they are more and more numerous, widely used and keep pushing up the bill.

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Designing a kitchen: our advice

Do you want to arrange your kitchen to make it a comfortable and pleasant space, but above all practical? Discover in this article some kitchen layout ideas.


Living on the water: new floating and ecological habitats

Why live on the water? Out of desire for change, for ecological concerns or even as an alternative to the rising waters. In all cases, the approach is not lacking in originality, and can take various forms.

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Home automation, queen of new homes?

Ever more respectful of the environment and more and more connected, new homes are now able to regulate heating, water the garden, or even turn off certain appliances. More than a choice of life, it is particularly a question of responding to the requirements formulated for several years by the major international conferences.


Adjust the temperature of your home from a smartphone? Logical, and possible

If in recent years electric heaters have become more and more intelligent and more and more economical, a new device now makes it possible to remotely monitor the exploits of this type of equipment on a smartphone, and to modify the temperature before returning home.

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Green roofs for “resilient” cities

According to a 2013 IPSOS survey, seven out of ten French people want to live near a green space. This strong desire is expressed by the multiplication of labels and other rankings of the best “green” cities, which distinguish the most flowery municipalities and the most committed to sustainable development.

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The tree house, a new ecological residence?

Building a treehouse, a childhood dream for some, sometimes materialized with a few planks, strong ropes and a happy spirit. But between the tender and modest children's huts made at the bottom of the garden in a few hours and the modern homes built in the middle of the forest for several months, there is a gap.

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What does the building of the future look like?

It suffices to observe the many conceptual images that have emerged from the fertile imagination of architects to quickly realize: the buildings of the future will be marked with the seals of ecology and digital technology.

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How to save while moving?

Any move has a cost: boxes, truck rental, moving company, etc. However, there are tips that allow you to save on certain expense items. In this article, discover some tips and tricks to save money when moving.

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Building a fully recycled house, an (old) ecological trend

Building your house from waste, a crazy and innovative project? Not that much, if at all in terms of ecological trend and sustainability.

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Building your house in containers: trendy and economical

Originally thought to deal with the student housing crisis, this idea has become trendy in recent years for individuals looking for originality, sustainable development, and also savings.

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Houses made entirely of cardboard?

Economic and ultra-ecological, cardboard houses have become revolutionary habitats, perfectly solid
and as fire resistant as concrete! The realization of a cardboard house involves a certain amount of knowledge which is good to know before embarking on the adventure. Since the 2010s, we have found many realizations of cardboard housing in France.

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New kitchens that are always more ecological and economical

Kitchens are no exception to the ecological trend imposed on all new buildings. While this part of the house may seem quite remote from this type of concern, it is not.


Printing your house in 3D, the near future of the building?

The University of Nantes has just finalized its little gem: INNOprint 3D, a 3D printer capable of creating from scratch a house 3 meters high in half an hour, capable of accommodating several people in emergency conditions. Medium-term objective: to build houses on a standard scale.

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The ecological universe of troglodyte houses

Troglodyte habitat (and not troglodyte!) Has been used by man since prehistoric times. Originally chosen rather for its solidity and the security provided, this type of accommodation is nowadays mainly used by choice, in view of its completely original way of life.

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France invests in wooden housing

Long neglected in the face of the modern supremacy of concrete, wood construction resurfaced in the 2000s thanks to the collective awareness of the threats weighing on the global climate. Wood is thus part of a logic of sustainable development thanks to its ecological qualities.

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Practical, ecological and (very) economical: the Tiny Houses

Tiny Houses are small, habitable wooden cabins, approximately 15 to 20 m², theoretically movable using a simple trailer. Invented in the United States at the start of the 2000s, these “mini-houses” have enjoyed some success in France this year. If the ecological motivations are real, with a very small carbon footprint, for more and more buyers, budgetary savings are at least as important a reason.

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Towards the revival of half-timbered houses?

Architectural symbols of the Middle Ages, half-timbered houses have withstood time, destruction and fires, and embellish the town centers of France.

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Contain life: the company that recycles maritime containers into homes!

Even at the end of its life, the maritime container retains all its robustness. Contain Life, managed by Jean-Baptiste Jarretou, has been able to exploit the potential of these containers. In a context where preserving the environment is a major issue, the daring team has embarked on a somewhat unusual recycling.

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The bio-dome: the house of the future?

Human genius does not suffer from any constraint when it comes to innovating to strengthen its adaptability to its environment. The appearance of geodesic domes - also called bio-domes - is the response of this same human genius to the challenges of tomorrow in terms of housing and daily energy management.

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Home automation: what innovations to lower your energy bill?

Originally, home automation solutions were designed with the aim of simplifying our lives. Zoom in on these products that will help you keep control over your bills.

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Latest Deco Trends: the creation of a custom-made children's room in 3D

How to reconcile a child's room decor that is both original and practical in an atypical bedroom?
A Norman company innovates by proposing to adapt each project to its space in 3D video before realization.

sulu trendy kitchen

What are the latest kitchen design trends?

Over the years, the kitchen becomes a real living room. Are you planning to build or renovate your kitchen? To have a kitchen that is both modern and functional, don't miss out on the latest trends!

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Four tips for an eco-friendly bathroom

Smart bathroom design can be very beneficial, especially for saving energy in the short and medium term. Indeed, we know that 39% of the water consumed in a home comes from the bathroom. Here are a few proposals for work and improvements to limit daily consumption very quickly.

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Planning senior housing: the top 10 practical advice

In France, seniors living in an apartment or a residence must anticipate the gradual loss of autonomy, both in town and in the countryside. Also, their accommodation must be secure and provided with suitable fittings.

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Ecological Concrete: manufacturing without cement is now possible!

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How to integrate wood in your bathroom?

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