A loan commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

The EDF Coup de Pouce Heat Pump loan

A financing solution starting at 0% with a customer premium of up to € 4,500 for work eligible for the My sustainable EDF heating offer.

An EDF loan to change heat pumps

This EDF loan is reserved for owners to finance the installation of a high-performance heat pump that promotes energy savings.

Thanks to our simulation tool, you can send you proposals by email. Then contact an EDF partner to be able to benefit from this loan.

What is an EDF Coup de Pouce Heat Pump loan?

With the EDF Coup de Pouce Heat Pump loan, you benefit from a 0% rate for your energy renovation work, carried out by an EDF Partner. This attractive rate comes in addition to the boost bonus paid by EDF up to € 4,500 *.

This offer can also be combined with State aid (CITE, Ma Prime Rénov).

* Under eligibility conditions: https://www.ecologique-solidaire.gouv.fr/coup-pouce-economies-denergie-2019-2020

PAC Boost Loan Example

If you borrow € 12,000 over 60 months at a fixed Global Effective Annual Rate of 0.00% (fixed borrowing rate of 0.00%)

You will reimburse 60 monthly payments of € 200.00 (excluding optional insurance) for a Total Amount due of € 12,000.00 (interest: € 0.00)

Monthly cost of the optional Death, Total and Irreversible Loss of autonomy insurance, total temporary incapacity for work (taken out with Cardif Life Insurance and Cardif various risk insurance) in addition to the amount of the monthly loan payment of € 16.12. Total cost of this optional insurance: € 967.20. Effective Annual Rate of this Insurance: 3.14%

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The steps to take out an EDF loan

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    You do work with an EDF partner. You need a financing solution.

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    The partner presents Finance Studio loans to you and takes care of your file.

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    As soon as your credit report is accepted by Finance Studio, your work can begin.

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    Once your work is done, you repay your credit. *

Everything you need to know about the Heat Pump Loan

Dedicated to the financing of the installation of efficient boilers, this loan at a rate from 0% APR Fixed, and for an amount ranging from € 1,500 to € 75,000, from 12 to 60 months *, may represent all or part of your investment.
It is associated with the benefit of EDF expertise in energy renovation:
• advice and high added value services provided by EDF partners ;
• compliance with the standards recommended by EDF's “Housing Works” technical reference , in terms of materials, equipment and techniques essential to guarantee an optimal level of energy consumption and thermal well-being.
* other amounts, durations and rates are available on the simulator

How to benefit from the loan for the installation of a boiler?

It's easy ! To take advantage of this exclusive financing, you only need to meet a few conditions:
• be a private owner , and change the individual boiler (excluding oil, gas or coal condensation) in your main or secondary residence built for at least 2 years;
• opt for the installation of an Air / Water, Water / Water or Hybrid Heat Pump ;
• have this work carried out by an EDF partner;
• accept their technical recommendations from EDF's Housing Works technical reference .
A flexible approach:
If these criteria are met, your loan application is more than simplified: it is your EDF partner himself who takes care of managing your loan application, and carries out the necessary procedures in connection with Finance Studio. We take care of everything, without any administrative fees.
Once your loan application has been accepted, you do not start repaying your credit until the work is completed and the site has been accepted and compliant *.
No personal contribution is required.
* in accordance with the law

Benefits :

A rate adapted to your project
Speed ​​of treatment
No administration fees
No change of bank
A very attractive premium
Up to 100% of the funded project

PAC Boost Offer

Credit offer incidental to a sale of € 1,500 to € 75,000 for a period of 12 to 60 months, repayable at the fixed annual percentage rate of 0%. Conditions in force from 01/28/2020.

Subject to the study and acceptance of your file by Finance Studio. You have a right of withdrawal.

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