A loan commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

The Photovoltaic Home Comfort Loan

This loan makes it possible to finance the installation of photovoltaic solar panels with one of the lowest rates on the market.

Install your solar panels with the Photovoltaic Home Comfort Loan

It is a loan reserved for owners to finance all the installation of photovoltaic panels.

How to benefit from the Photovoltaic Home Comfort Loan?

To qualify for funding, your facility must:

Be carried out by a Finance Studio Partner.

Concerning a main or secondary residence which you own.

A simplified approach:

No action necessary for the individual. The Finance Studio Partner takes charge of the loan request.

No personal contribution, the individual repays the loan once the work is finished and compliant *.

* in accordance with the law

PCH Photovoltaic loan example

If you borrow € 10,000 over 90 months at the fixed Global Effective Annual Rate of 3.44% (fixed borrowing rate of 3.38%)

You will reimburse 90 monthly payments of € 125.95 (excluding optional insurance) for a Total Amount due of € 11,335.50 (interest: € 1,335.50)

Monthly cost of the optional Death, Total and Irreversible Loss of autonomy, total temporary incapacity for work insurance (taken out with Cardif Life Insurance and Cardif Miscellaneous Risk Insurance) in addition to the amount of the monthly loan payment of € 14.09. Total cost of this optional insurance: € 1,268.10. Effective Annual Rate of this Insurance: 3.12%

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What are the conditions for obtaining this loan? What is the eligibility?

It is reserved for private owners, residents of mainland France (excluding Corsica and DOM-TOM).
The installation must be carried out by a Finance Studio partner.

The advantages of taking out a Finance Studio loan

No administration fees

Depreciable loan with fixed monthly payment

Funding up to 100% of your project

Flexible approach: Finance Studio takes care of everything

Optional borrower insurance

Without change of bank

Without deposit or mortgage

PCH Photovoltaic Offer

Accessory credit offer for a sale of € 900 to € 75,000 for a period of 10 to 120 months, repayable at the fixed annual percentage rate of 3.44%. Conditions in force from 06/10/2020.

Subject to the study and acceptance of your file by Finance Studio. You have a right of withdrawal.