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Eco Loan at zero rate co-ownership

Discover the Eco Loan at Zero Co-ownership Finance Studio, an advantageous solution for the energy renovation of your co-ownership!


The collective zero-rate Eco-loan is a collective loan regulated by the State . Not to be confused with the eco-PTZ individual, it provides funding for renovations to improve the energy performance of parts and equipment common to a condominium. The accommodation must be occupied as a main residence, built for more than 2 years . The work must be carried out by one or more professionals recognized as guarantor (s) of the environment (RGE).


1. Carrying out a works action or a works package:
  • Thermal insulation of the roof Thermal insulation of the exterior walls
  • Thermal insulation of windows on condition that the materials used replace single-glazed walls (at least half of the windows) and doors leading to the outside (at least half of the doors)
  • Insulation of low floors
  • Installation, regulation or replacement of heating or domestic hot water production systems
  • Installation of heating equipment using a renewable energy source
  • Installation of domestic hot water production equipment using a renewable energy source
2. Achievement by works of a minimum overall energy performance threshold
3. Rehabilitation of a non-collective sanitation system


The maximum fundable amount of the eco-PTZ per accommodation is:
> € 7,000 for the action of insulating glass walls
> € 15,000 for another simple work action
> € 25,000 for a bouquet of 2 works
> € 30,000 for a bouquet of 3 or more works
> € 30,000 for overall energy performance
If the 5 co-owners participate in the collective loan of € 100,000 granted to the syndicate of co-owners for a period of 10 years, i.e. 40 quarters, the quarterly rate is € 2,587.50, the Fixed Debtor Rate is 0%, the Effective Annual Rate Overall is 0.71%, the total cost of € 3,500 including € 3,500 SACCEF deposit and € 0 interest. The total amount of credit owed by the borrower of € 103,500. Subscription to the SACCEF bond is mandatory in order to be able to subscribe to a Finance Studio co-ownership loan. The deposit must be paid no later than the release of funds. The representative example serves as an example.


  • A loan taken out by the syndicate of co-owners at the nominal rate of 0%
  • A maximum period of 15 years with a maximum amount of € 30,000 per accommodation and depending on the type of work carried out
  • No administration fees
  • Lack of solidarity between the co-owners in the event of non-payment
  • The due date is taken quarterly from the account of the syndicate of co-ownership
  • The co-owner is free to subscribe or not to the loan
  • A dedicated team to support you at all stages of the project
  • Energy saving work and recourse to the loan must be voted on by the general meeting of co-owners
For work not eligible for the Collective Eco PTZ, you have the option of using the Co-Ownership Personal Loan .

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