A loan commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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What are the advantages for you, Syndic?

The Finance Studio co-ownership collective works loan is a tool to help decision-making for renovation work on common areas

EDF and Finance Studio support you before, during and after the General Meeting

A hotline and regional sales managers are at your disposal.

At the end of the census carried out by the trustee, if the total amount of the collective loan did not reach 100,000 €, each co-owner could subscribe to a personal co-ownership loan.

The characteristics of the Joint Ownership Collective Loan

What is the Joint Ownership Collective Loan?

A loan taken out by the syndicate of co-owners which makes it possible to finance the renovation work of the common areas of your co-ownership.

His advantages

  • Each co-owner is free to subscribe to the loan up to his quota.
  • 0 € administration fees
  • Quarterly payment by the Syndic at the same time as their charges (Domo Solo)
  • Offer available from 100,000 €. For lower amounts, you can benefit from the Personal Co-ownership Loan. Contact your trustee for more information.
  • No solidarity between co-owners who are members of the loan in the event of non-payment: the deposit takes over

Which facilities are affected?

  • Insulation of walls, attics and floors
  • Facelift
  • Renovation of common areas
  • Change of collective boiler
  • Elevator

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