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What are the advantages of solar panels?

solar panel
Today, solar panels are becoming more and more accessible to individuals. This is because the market is structured which makes the prices attractive. Environmental discourses also resonate in the collective consciousness and the idea of ​​producing green energy by becoming more and more independent of the grid is attractive. We explain to you why the advantages of investing in solar panels today.

Save energy

When you consider installing solar panels on your roof, it is often to save energy. Who has never dreamed of producing the energy they need themselves? Indeed, if you produce your energy, you no longer need to buy all your energy on the network, which will inevitably reduce your electricity bills drastically (up to around 40%).

How much does it cost to install solar panels?

There is a price scale for solar panels in France ranging from € 7,500 to € 9,500 depending on the region and the installers. Indeed, the prices charged can change since the installers buy different materials, they do not all invoice in the same way and do not all carry out the same follow-up. To be sure you are not dealing with a solar panel scam, be sure to check that your installer has the current certifications (RGE, QualiPV, Qualifélec or Qualibat ). Note that the acquisition of solar panels can be financed with a work loan .

Are there aids for solar panels?

Yes ! The French government has put in place various aids, at various levels, to help you with your solar project. Be careful, however, these aids may change and we can only advise you too much to find out about the aids to which you are entitled.
  • The investment bonus: paid over the first 5 years after commissioning, this bonus is generally in the residential sector between € 1,170 and € 2,610 depending on the power of the installation
  • The CITE (Tax Credit for the Energy Transition): this aid will be transformed into Prim Renov in 2020 (it now concerns all households who want to install solar thermal panels),
  • Eco-PTZ (zero-interest eco-loan): concerns thermal solar panels, for a loan of up to € 10,000 (can be combined with other renovation work),
  • Aid from Anah (National Housing Agency): for modest and very modest households, two aids can be combined for your energy transition work,
  • Local aid: the Energy Info Spaces (EIE) can also grant you aid, check with them!

Participate in the energy transition

Renewable energies are alternatives available today to supply individuals with energy. Several choices are available to them:
  • Install solar panels on their roof
  • Subscribe to a green supplier
  • Obtain renewable energy directly from local producers

Using a natural resource for its energy

How lucky to be able to produce electricity thanks to a natural, inexhaustible and free resource! To get started with a solar project, a few things will determine if your home can accommodate solar panels, and how much production you can claim. For this, you must pay attention to several things such as the exposure of your roof (orientation and inclination). In this way, the irradiation of the sun will be able to offer you an optimal production.

While investing in sustainable energy

Photovoltaic panels are recycled

It is not uncommon to read about the pollution created by solar panels, and particularly its “gray energy”. Indeed, many detractors say that the construction of solar panels is polluting. However, if we look in more detail, we realize that the materials used for the manufacture of solar panels are natural:
  • Glass
  • Aluminum
  • The copper
  • Silicon
Approximately 94.7% of these materials can thus be recycled. With solar panels, not only are you consuming green and sustainable, but you can be sure that your energy source will be recycled. An appreciable virtuous circle!

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