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Choosing the right energy supplier, a way to save money

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Energy consumption in figures

According to data collected by Ademe , the television - refrigerator - washing machine trio has been the standard equipment for 90% of French homes since 1990. But with technological progress, new consumption habits have become more democratic. For example, statistics provided by INSEE indicate, for example, that 77% of households had at least one computer in 2013, compared to 44% in 2004.

Final consumption thus increased by 10% between 1985 and 2015 to reach 472 TWh. These figures rose to 474 TWh in 2017. According to the assessment carried out by RTE, 33% of electricity expenditure in France is generated by the residential sector. This represents an average of 8.7% of the household budget according to studies carried out between 1959 and 2016.

These expenses, which are similar to constraints, are perceived as unavoidable insofar as they influence the standard of living and comfort of French households. However, the opening of the market to competition since 2007 has made it possible to save on energy bills.

Energy supplier and savings: it's possible!

Each supplier is free to choose the tariff mode he wishes to apply. The incumbent operators thus offer the regulated sales tariff, commonly known as TRV. This is a pricing governed by the State, subject to variations. A basic contract allows you to benefit from the same pricing all year round, while the integration of the peak / off-peak option ensures you lower prices at specific times.

Alternative providers also offer different types of contracts. A fixed formula ensures a stable cost per kWh excluding tax, while the indexed prices vary in parallel with the TRV. Depending on the electricity supplier selected, it is possible to save up to 10% or 15% on the kWh price excluding VAT. Gas prices also vary from one operator to another.

Before signing a contract, it is important to identify the type of offer you want to benefit from. Subscribing to gas and electricity subscriptions from the same supplier can, for example, give rise to reductions. Separate offers are no less attractive. It is enough to compare the prices well and also to ensure that the quality of customer service is up to your expectations.

Some online tools, such as the HelloWatt electricity and gas comparator , allow you to identify suppliers with offers that are right for you.
The relevance of the results is optimal if you know the following points:
- the area of ​​your accommodation,
- your annual consumption,
- the number of people occupying the premises,
- as well as the type of energy to which you wish to subscribe.

Note also that the energy renovation work that can be financed with Finance Studio Works loans helps to improve the insulation and energy performance of your home, and thus to reduce the amount of your expenses related to your energy bill.

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