A loan commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

Multi-work subsidized loan by EDF of 1.59% APR Fixed - Via an EDF Home Solutions Partner

Insulation, Boilers, Heat Pump ... Are you planning to do a lot of work? Opt for the subsidized Multi-Work loan by EDF as a financing solution.

Finance your work to reduce your energy bill with the subsidized Multi-Work Loan by EDF of 1.59% APR Fixed

It is a loan at attractive rates (1.59% APR Fixed) reserved for owners to finance renovation projects made up of at least two types of work among the Loans Works subsidized offers s by EDF and promoting energy savings .

What is a subsidized work loan by EDF?

With "the subsidized work loan "by EDF, you benefit from a more attractive rate for carrying out your energy renovation work, carried out by an EDF Home Solutions Partner. This rate already includes the EDF bonus and is offered to you within the framework of the partnership Domofinance-EDF.

An example to understand

If you borrow € 14,000 over 84 months at the fixed Global Effective Annual Rate of 1.59% (fixed borrowing rate of 1.57%)

You will reimburse 84 monthly payments of € 176.11 (excluding optional insurance) for a Total amount due of € 14,793.24 (interest: € 793.24)

Monthly cost of the optional Death, Total and Irreversible Loss of autonomy, total temporary incapacity for work insurance (taken out with Cardif Life Insurance and Cardif various risk insurance) in addition to the amount of the monthly loan payment of € 16.72. Total cost of this optional insurance: € 1,404.48. Effective Annual Rate of this Insurance: 2.73%

Do you want to do a simulation?

The steps to take out an EDF subsidized loan

  1. 1

    You are doing work with an EDF Solutions Habitat partner. You need a financing solution.

  2. 2
    check mark-2

    The partner presents Finance Studio loans to you and takes care of your file.

  3. 3

    As soon as your credit report is accepted by Finance Studio, your work can begin.

  4. 4

    Once your work is done, you repay your credit. *

How to benefit from the subsidized Multi-Work Loan by EDF?

To qualify for funding, your facility must:

  • Comply with the EDF Housing Works technical reference

  • Be carried out by an EDF Home Solutions Partner, a guarantee of quality and energy savings.

  • Concerning a main or secondary residence, built for more than 2 years, which you own.

  • Concern at least two work packages among the eligible lots. 40% of the final invoice must relate to insulation, a boiler or a heat pump.

Which facilities are affected?

  • Insulation

  • Boilers

  • Heat pump

  • Wood heating

  • Windows

  • Hot water

A flexible approach:

  • No action necessary for the individual. EDF's Habitat Solutions Partner takes charge of the loan request.

  • No personal contribution, the individual repays the loan once the work is finished and compliant *.

* in accordance with the law

Accessory credit offer to sell € 1500 to 75,000 for a period of 36 to 84 months repayable in fixed annual percentage rate of 1.59% in the amount and duration of credit. Conditions in force from 08/10/2019.

Subject to the study and acceptance of your file by Finance Studio. You have a right of withdrawal.

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Obtained by agreement with EDF and Finance Studio, the “ EDF Energy Saving Partner ” label is a guarantee of seriousness, reliability and trust.

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