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All about the maintenance of a gas boiler

To fully benefit from the performance of your gas boiler, it is essential to have the annual maintenance carried out by a professional. It is not only a legal obligation, but it is also the best way to limit the risk of breakdowns and to ensure the safety of your home. In this article we will discuss the following points:
  • Which boilers are affected?
  • What are the different checkpoints?
  • Why maintain your boiler?
  • Fixed-rate maintenance or annual maintenance contract?
  • When to do the maintenance?

Which boilers are affected?

It is by decree n ° 2009-649 of June 9, 2009 that the annual maintenance obligation for fuel-fired heating equipment is written into law. This decree concerns all appliances from 4 to 400 kW, using gas, oil, coal, wood (or multi-fuel) fuel. For equipment with a power greater than 400 kW, other standards and laws apply.

The different control points

In addition to listing the equipment subject to annual maintenance, the decree also defines the control points and the operations to be carried out based on the standards NF X50-010 for gas boilers and NF X50-011 for domestic fuel boilers.
The main stages of the interview will consist of:
  • check general operation
  • control the security organs
  • ensure that the smoke evacuation is operational
  • carry out cleaning operations and change the parts according to the manufacturer's recommendations (gasket, anode, filter or other component)
  • make the necessary adjustments
  • put the device back into service.
Below is an illustration of the main actions to be carried out as part of the maintenance of a gas boiler according to standard NF X50-010.
Capture garanka

Why maintain your boiler

  • Security

Your boiler is equipment that can be dangerous if not maintained. First of all because it consumes gas or fuel oil and it is essential to ensure that no leaks are present. Then because during its operation, your boiler generates carbon monoxide (CO) . This odorless gas is a source of accidents every year in homes using unmaintained fuel heating systems. During normal operation, this gas is evacuated through the pipe connected to your boiler in order to be expelled outside your home. To prevent this gas from spilling inside, the maintenance technician will carefully check the correct connection and condition of your exhaust duct as well as the boiler's safety systems.

  • The performance
Cleaning your boiler will ensure optimal operation and performance . The cleaning of combustion residues in the burner and on the walls of the exchanger is essential to ensure the best possible energy transfer . And who says performance, for a gas or fuel oil boiler says spending limits on your fuel or gas bill. ADEME has shown that well-maintained equipment can achieve energy savings of around 8 to 12% (2) .
  • Lifetime
Just like your car, the annual maintenance of your boiler helps to guarantee an optimal lifespan of your equipment. Cleaning and regular replacement of wearing parts are necessary to ensure the longevity of your investment. According to a study by ADEME (1) , the annual maintenance of its boiler makes it possible to obtain a lifespan 2 to 3 times longer (1 )
Last significant point, still in the context of its study, ADEME has also shown that the risk of breakdowns is divided by 5 for boilers that are regularly maintained.

Fixed-rate maintenance or annual maintenance contract?

There are 2 types of formulas for having your boiler yearly serviced : the annual flat-rate inspection or the annual contract. These 2 formulas meet the legal obligation of annual maintenance.
The fixed visit:
It's just the annual maintenance visit, and nothing else.
The annual contract
In addition to the annual visit, this type of contract covers you for 12 months in the event of breakdowns. There are several variants of the maintenance contract for your gas boiler, some formulas include labor and travel, others also include spare parts (all-inclusive formula). It is important to carefully detail the content of the offer to check whether travel in the event of a breakdown is not limited (the case with some companies).

Who should pay for this interview? Tenant or Owner?

The question is regularly asked: is the maintenance the responsibility of the tenant or owner? In reality, this maintenance concerns both owners and tenants (if individual heating and except contrary provision provided in the lease). In the case of rental accommodation, maintenance is the responsibility of the tenant . Two options are possible:
  • Either the owner chooses the service provider, pays the amount and includes the costs in the rental charges.
  • Either the tenant chooses the service provider alone, pays the amount of the service directly to the service provider and annually provides the owner (or the rental agency) with the maintenance certificate.

When to do the maintenance?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to have the maintenance carried out every 12 months: for example in June 2017 then in June 2018. The law requires that the maintenance be carried out once per calendar year . It is therefore quite possible to clean your equipment in September of one year, then in June of the following year, or vice versa.
The best time to carry out annual maintenance is at the end of winter, between April and June . Your boiler has been in use all winter and now is the right time to give it the benefit of a spring cleaning.
It is also important to note that in cold weather, as breakdowns are often treated as a priority by maintenance companies, it can be more complicated to get an appointment for a maintenance visit.
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(1) Source ADEME: French Environment and Energy Management Agency