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Interview of Alain Roure with Foncia, real estate specialist, on the heightening of buildings


Alain Roure, Director of the Co-ownership activity of Finance Studio, was interviewed about the heightening of buildings, by the information blog of Foncia "mon guide immo", a real estate specialist.

Raising a building means adding one or more levels to existing buildings, in order to take advantage of land already in use.
The article presents the regulatory relaxations, allowing the realization of the heightening and explains through the ALUR law, the energy transition law and the Sustainable Building Plan what is now possible.

The heightening allows in particular:

  • Adding additional housing
  • Renovation at a lower cost of the co-ownership
  • The generation of a "green value" for the building

Some brakes remain:

  • The disturbance of the work (duration, noise and installation of scaffolding, etc.)
  • Sustainable costs

There are 500,000 homes per year to renovate from 2017 to meet the energy transition law. I think that the heightening can be an accelerator for the energy transition because it will create cash flow. »Explains Alain Roure.

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