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Double or triple glazing: what to choose?


Everything you need to know about installing double or triple glazing

Each window has its own characteristics. To make the right choice between double or triple glazing, it is important to learn about the properties of each of them and not to rely on certain received ideas. The orientation of the house, the climate and the budget are several elements to consider before making the final choice.

What are the characteristics of double glazing?

As the name suggests, double glazing is made from two panes of 4 mm thick each. In between are trapped very rare gases, such as xenon, argon or krypton. It is estimated that the installation of double glazing reduces heat loss by 40%, compared to single glazing. Thermal resistance is very important, as is solar gain. This last characteristic must be taken into account depending on the precise orientation of the windows in the house.

What are the main differences between double and triple glazing?

While triple glazing may seem like the panacea when it comes to thermal insulation , it is important to weigh the benefits against the price. The third pane of which it is composed provides better insulating performance. Its thermal coefficient is very low (0.8) while that of double glazing is 1.1. Triple glazing is also very popular for its sound and acoustic insulation. Note, however: triple glazing requires suitable hinges and frame, which differ from single and double glazing.

What are the key criteria to consider before choosing between double or triple glazing?

The choice of double or triple glazing is based on several important elements. In terms of thermal resistance, both models show very good performance. But a triple-glazed window recovers less solar radiation than a double-glazed window. It is therefore essential to take into account the orientation of the house and more particularly the windows, as well as the ambient climate. In terms of budget, triple glazing costs 75% more than double glazing at the time of purchase (without forgetting the specific frame equipment and the hinges). But at the same time it guarantees good sound insulation , which can be a real asset depending on the location of the accommodation (near roads or other noise pollution). Its installation can be financed by taking out a work loan .