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How to find an RGE craftsman for his energy renovation work?

Energy renovation works improve interior comfort and reduce energy bills , whether it is to counter the heat in summer or the cold in winter. To undertake this kind of work, it is necessary to call on an RGE craftsman.

What is the RGE label?

The RGE label (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment) is a certification issued to a company or a craftsman carrying out energy renovation work. To benefit from the RGE quality sign, the professional must follow approved training by field of activity, with validation of skills. In the case of a company, the training must be followed by at least one technical advisor per establishment.
Thus, the RGE craftsman demonstrated his skills in carrying out the work by following the evolution of technological progress and his ability to manage risks. Likewise, it proves that it follows environmentally friendly methods and that it holds all the necessary professional guarantees.

Why use an RGE craftsman?

Calling on an RGE craftsman makes it possible to benefit from financial aid offered by the State and tax deductions; action in favor of sustainable development is compulsory, according to the principle of eco-conditionality.
Any individual can access under conditions the zero rate eco-loan (or eco-PTZ ) and the energy transition tax credit ( CITE ) to help him in carrying out energy renovation work in old housing. . For this, he must necessarily call on a company with an RGE label. These aids allow the owner to greatly relieve his work budget, which can also count on the subscription to a work loan .

How to find your RGE craftsman? Our advices

To carry out renovation work on your building, such as improving the insulation , installing a heat pump or replacing a boiler, you have the choice between multiple professionals holding a RGE quality. They do not all charge the same prices or guarantee the same reliability.
To make the choice, if you do not have a reliable recommendation by the way, the various estimates are a step to benefit from both a quality service and an offer s 'according to your budget.
To differentiate the quotes, rely on criteria such as proximity and experience. It is always easier to work with a company close to home, and to trust a professional experienced in the various problems likely to be encountered on your site, in the choice of materials to use and able to give you relevant advice.
Studying the details of each quote allows you to go further than just comparing the total amounts. Check the cost of materials, labor and the estimated duration of the work, not to mention the amount of insurance offered.
It is therefore necessary to play the competition to identify the professional RGE who will carry out your energy renovation works, whether it is in thermal insulation or in installation of heating supplied by a renewable energy such as solar or wind power.
In conclusion, calling on the proven skills of an RGE company or craftsman is a guarantee of trust for the customer and guarantees the quality of the final result.