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Cooling floor: operation and advantages

refreshing floor

Cooling floor: economical underfloor air conditioning

Since the arrival of the new generations of low temperature heated floors, two decades ago, it is also possible to make use of the said reversible system to take advantage of the function of heating-cooling floors in the house. A new air conditioning system has already been used with a boiler: the cooling system.

The refreshing floor: how does it work?

The cooling floor works on the same principle as the heated floor. It is directly connected to a heat pump. The two systems can therefore coexist with the same equipment. In order to cool a surface approximately 4 ° C lower, a liquid at cooled temperature is circulated. For this, the liquid is routed through a network of tubes located under the floor, the installation of which can be financed through the subscription to a work loan .
The only difference is in the temperature of the circulating fluid, which will bring freshness instead of heat. This system works thanks to a direct connection to a heat pump , or a reversible thermodynamic unit. In summer, this equipment will draw the calories (units of heat measurement) trapped inside in order to evacuate them to the outside, thus functioning as an economical air conditioning system.

What are the differences between the cooling floor and conventional air conditioning?

While the two systems have the same purpose, they do not work the same and do not have the same characteristics. The installation of air conditioning requires considering one or more outlet vents systematically creating a cold spot, and consequently an air flow which can sometimes be uncomfortable. On the contrary, the cooling floor covers a large area of ​​heat absorption and therefore an optimal distribution of temperature throughout the room.
Likewise, a conventional air conditioning system is particularly noisy, while the cooling floor, conversely, is a very quiet economical and thermal air conditioning system. However, it should be taken into account that condensation phenomena can occur if the ground area is too cold. It is therefore necessary to limit the cooling level to 5-6 ° C maximum. In addition, it is suggested to add an additional source of cooling (for example: gentle ventilation of air cooled by cold water).

Is it an economic system?

The refreshing heated floor can be combined with economical air conditioning. Indeed, this reversible system directly refreshes a surface, and does not affect the humidity. Conversely, an air conditioning operates to cool the air in order to be able to cool the covered surfaces. To do this, it must dehumidify the air and therefore use 66% of its energy for this function alone.