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Christel Matrat on BFM Business: why is it necessary to carry out energy renovation work?

Christel Matrat
Christel Matrat, Managing Director of Finance Studio, was interviewed by Cedric Decoeur for the Intégrale Placement program, broadcast live on August 31, 2017 on BFM Business TV. This intervention was an opportunity to present the issue of energy renovation work.
Interviewed on the energy renovation works, Christel Matrat, recalls the importance of their achievements:
    • The risk of not doing a renovation: a loss in value of your property of 1% per year
    • The green value of housing: a gain of 5% of the value of its property in the event of a change in the DPE letter
    • Finance Studio financing solutions for individuals in individual or collective housing
      Christel Matrat also presents the financing solutions:
      • The Import Credit for the Energy Transition
      • local aid
      • Eco Loans at Zero Rate and subsidized rates s like 0.95% Finance Studio on Insulation
      Go through Finance Studio and the Solutions Habitat partnership of EDF, it is skilled craftsmen and low rates, to give access to energy renovation to individuals who own individual or collective housing.

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