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The France 2 newscast interviews one of our partners and highlights the importance of thermal renovations.


It is by supporting individuals in their renovations that we will enable them to subsequently save energy. One of our partners, AFIH Gennevilliers, was also fortunate to be interviewed on France 2's 20h newscast, about thermal renovations and their interests.

This interview takes up the main issues related to heat loss. Our partner, participating in the report, presents an effective solution, allowing reductions in energy expenditure at a lower cost. He installs a polystyrene plate with a thickness of 12 cm on the exterior facade, this technique allows energy savings of up to 20-30%. The thermal imaging camera during installation shows impressive efficiency while the renovation is not yet complete.

Poor insulation can be responsible for 75% of a home's heat loss

This solution is not the only one developing in the face of this challenge, the thermal renovation of a home must also be carried out on the roofs. The report provides some answers, through the testimony of a client, who after having renovated her roof with pulsed rock wool, was able to benefit from a tax credit reimbursing her 25% of her investment. Rigid foam and fiberglass panels are also developing. These panels trap a lot of air, their particularity makes them their main interest since the more air there is, the greater the thermal resistance will be.

Indeed, insulation work is still marginal and yet 23 million French households are poorly insulated. This finding is the cause of poor energy performance, so that 75% of thermal losses in a home are the direct result of poor insulation. While today buildings represent 40% of total energy consumption in France, their thermal renovation becomes essential. Building professionals will be able to advise you and direct you towards the most suitable solutions, like AFIH Gennevilliers.

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