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Why carry out energy renovation work?


Cédric Desplats-Redier, Managing Director of Finance Studio, was interviewed by Guillaume Sommerer and Marie Coeurderoy for the Intégrale Placement program, broadcast live on April 15, 2016 on BFM Business TV. This intervention was an opportunity to present the issue of energy renovation work.

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Interviewed on the energy renovation work, Cédric Desplats-Redier recalls some figures from the housing market:

  • About 1/4 of energy consumption in France comes from housing

  • 2.5 million out of 34 dwellings undergo energy renovations each year

  • New housing represents 1% of the housing stock

It is therefore on the old stock that we must act, to reduce CO2 emissions.

Our Managing Director talks about the 3 advantages of renovating your home:

  • Reduce your energy bill

  • Gain in comfort

  • Valuing your property

This last point is less well known. "A difference in value of 5% is observed on average per letter from the energy DPE in the provinces, but it is more attenuated in Ile de France", according to a study by Notaries of France.

The amount of an energy renovation is between € 5,000 and € 35,000, one of the solutions to finance it is to carry out a Works Loan from Finance Studio via qualified professionals.

Going through Finance Studio and the Solutions Habitat partnership with EDF means skilled craftsmen and adjusted rates.

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