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EDF Heating Help - Details, Eligibility, Amounts

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EDF launched on February 20, 2019 its version of the boost operation, with an exceptional bonus to help the French replace their individual boiler (fuel oil, coal or gas) with more efficient equipment.
Since the start of 2019, the Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition has wanted to help households reduce their heating bills by replacing a million boilers by 2023 and by efficiently renovating 500,000 homes per year. To support this ambition, the ministry has put in place a new version of its boost operation.

What is the Coup de Pouce heating bonus?

  • It is a complete offer that allows you to support you towards more economical and ecological energy by replacing your old individual non-condensing coal, gas or fuel oil boiler with a heat pump (Air / Water, Water / Water or Hybrid) or a THPE gas condensing boiler.
  • Renovation aid
    • From € 600 to € 5,500 with the EDF energy premium
    • Additional state aid (ANAH, CITE)
    • A subsidized loan by EDF from 2.46%
    • Manufacturer discounts
  • Personalized support from EDF advisers to help you carry out your project and benefit from all aid.

What are the eligibility conditions for EDF Heating Aid?

All private customers residing in France can benefit from this offer. However, the amounts of bonuses awarded will be different depending on their resource levels. The most modest households will be able to benefit from higher premiums.

What are the terms?

boost tables
** Premium subject to compliance with a resource limit

An example to understand

housework A household has an Air / Water heat pump installed for an amount of € 12,000.
Your client will benefit from:
  • From subsidized financing by EDF at 155.50 € / month over 84 months at 2.46% APR
  • A boost bonus paid by EDF of € 3,500 - to be requested on the EDF energy bonus website
  • A tax credit of € 1,785 *
  • Possibility of early repayment once the aid has been paid **

* The CITE represents 30% of the cost excluding installation, net of aid received (prorated on the cost excluding installation)

** No charge up to € 10,000 / year

What are the steps to benefit from the EDF Coup de Pouce bonus?

  1. Register on the EDF energy premium website (before signing your quote)
  2. Confirm your registration
  3. Create the corresponding work file then have your work carried out by a professional Recognized Guarantor of the Environment (RGE) in the field of the work concerned
  4. Fill out the Certificate of Honor with your installer, once the work is completed. You will receive this Certificate by e-mail when you create your file. You can also download it at any time from your personal space
  5. Send us your complete file within a maximum of 3 months from the date of the invoice provided by your installer. Your file must include:
    • a copy of the work estimate (or purchase order) dated and signed by you,
    • a copy of the invoice mentioning the installation and supply of the equipment,
    • the original of your Certificate of Honor completed and signed by you and your installer,
    • a copy of the professional qualification of your installer bearing the mention RGE in the field of the work concerned and valid on the date of commencement of the work (if requested)
    • if you are eligible for the EDF energy bonus bonus, a copy of your last tax notice
  6. Receive, within 2 months of the validation of your file, the amount of your premium in the form of a letter-check.
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