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Eco PTZ Collective

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The Eco PTZ Collectif (zero-interest loan) has been offered by Finance Studio since November 2016.
This 0% collective loan makes it possible to finance renovation work aimed at improving the energy performance of a condominium. It is available up to 30,000 euros per accommodation, up to 15 years, depending on the work carried out.
Finance Studio thus carried out the largest file in France, that of RESIDENCE LA VIGNERAIE, which voted for its work on May 17, 2017.
We have financed 303 owners out of 400. This large-scale project represents around 9 million euros of work and Finance Studio has financed 5 million in Eco PTZ and 500,000 in solo domo.
For this long-term project, we were helped by Réanova , an integrated project management agency, dedicated to the rehabilitation of collective housing and tertiary buildings.
Finance Studio also offers individual Eco PTZ .
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