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Survey on the French and heating

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While the issue of heating comes up every year in many homes, Ifop (French Institute of Public Opinion) recently published a survey to better understand the relationship of the French with the heating of their home.

The cold, this great enemy

The first question of this survey dealt directly with the cold indoors: "during the winter, do you get cold in your home despite the heating on?". 46% of respondents answered "sometimes", 15% indicated "often", and 5% "systematically".
These results indicate that two thirds of French people feel cold at home, despite the heating constantly on. We can therefore naturally deduce that here, the problem comes directly from the quality of insulation in the homes. Indeed, a good thermal regulation passes above all by a good insulation. Remember that in most cases, it is not the quality or the power of the heating system that must be questioned but rather the origin of the heat losses.

A note that is sometimes a little too salty

The second question of the survey concerns the financial aspect of heating. Today, 1 in 5 French people say they have had difficulty paying their heating bill over the past 3 years. The survey also clearly shows that it is the poorest households that are most affected by this problem.
Once again, according to the Renovation Initiative, the problem stems from the nature of the accommodation itself and not from the heating system used. Indeed, some homes are considered today as real "energy sieves". In addition to being particularly energy-intensive, these homes can represent a health hazard. In addition, a renovation project targeting these homes will soon be launched by the government.

Energy renovation work, the only real solution.

By initiating the appropriate and most urgent work in a home, it is possible to greatly improve its energy performance, and thus reduce the cost of heating. Today there are different solutions to improve the energy efficiency of your home. In addition, there are aids and subsidies intended to help you in your energy renovation work to reduce the final cost.
You can also take out a work loan in order to carry out the insulation work quickly, then reimburse the cost of the work over several months. No need to wait until you have the full amount needed for the work to be warm at home and to save on your heating bill. Discover the Finance Studio insulation loan .

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