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EDF insulation boost - Details, Eligibility, Amounts

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EDF launched on April 11, 2019, the Coup de Pouce Insulation offer to help households carry out efficient energy saving work in their homes.
This work will make it possible to:
  • To reduce your electricity and gas bill,
  • Improve the comfort of your home
  • To fight against global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions

What is the Coup de Pouce Insulation premium?

Do you want to protect yourself better from the cold in winter and the heat in summer? Achieve energy savings?
Thanks to the "Insulation boost", receive a bonus that can go to:
You can also benefit from:
  • Tax credit
  • A subsidized loan by EDF of 1.95%

Who Can Benefit from Insulation Boost Help?

All individuals residing in France can benefit from the Coup de Pouce Isolation offer. However, the amounts of bonuses awarded vary according to their level of resources. The most modest households will be able to benefit from higher premiums.

What are the eligibility conditions?


* Premium subject to compliance with a resource limit: https://www.ecologique-solidaire.gouv.fr/coup-pouce-economies-denergie-2019-2020

An example to understand


A household insulates the attic of 100m² for an amount of € 4,500.
You can benefit from:

  • A helping hand bonus paid by EDF of € 10 / m², i.e. € 1,000
  • From subsidized financing by EDF at € 75.83 / month over 48 months at 1.95% APR
  • A tax credit of € 735 *
  • Possibility of early repayment once the aid has been paid **
* The CITE represents 30% of the cost excluding installation, net of aid received (prorated on the cost excluding installation)
** Free of charge up to € 10,000 / year

What are the steps to benefit from the EDF bonus?

  1. Choose the type of work compatible with the Insulation Boost you want to do.
  2. Register on the EDF Energy Premium website before signing the works estimate or contact the network of partners for your attic, roof or low floor insulation work.
  3. Sign the quote offered to you by an RGE professional.
  4. Have your energy saving work done!
  5. Return the documents to EDF (signed estimate, invoices, sworn statements, etc.) within the prescribed deadlines.
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