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Energy transition law: what really changes

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The “law on energy transition for green growth” was finally promulgated on August 28, after years of gestation. Among the fifty or so measures that came into force immediately (the law will be fully applied at the beginning of 2016), a good part concerns the renovation of buildings and energy savings. The stated aim is to involve property owners in the great challenge of reducing energy expenditure in France.

The “energy transition” became a matter of strategic interest in France following the famous Grenelle de l'Environnement in 2007, even though the concept already existed in the 1980s in Germany. A long national debate launched at the beginning of 2012 gave birth to a bill in 2014, finally completed in summer 2015. The law aims mainly to reduce greenhouse gases, designated responsible for global warming, and in a manner generally to regulate energy consumption while promoting “green growth”.

Improve energy performance while spending less

Among the articles of the law on energy transition is the “Construction of buildings with enhanced energy and environmental characteristics”, allowing local urban plans to require new buildings to bear part of their energy consumption by producing their own. clean renewable energy. In buildings equipped with collective heating installations, the obligation to individualize heating costs should be generalized. On the other hand, State aid (Zero Rate Loan, Solidarity Energy Pact, etc.) will be maintained to improve the energy performance of housing.

The objectives of the law on energy transition are particularly ambitious in the long term: to increase the share of renewable energies by a third by 2030, and to reduce France's overall energy consumption by two by 2050. See you more In the short term, the State is counting on the creation of 100,000 new jobs linked to this sector over the next three years. 10 billion euros have been released to launch the project in the first years, but the bold targets set for 2030 and 2050 should quickly increase budgets.

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