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74% of French people consider themselves concerned by energy savings

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A survey by Engie Home Services should, for once, bring balm to the heart of the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development. Nearly three-quarters of French people consider the carrying out of ecological work in their homes as a priority. We will still have to take the plunge.

“Ecological works” refer to any initiative aimed at improving the energy performance of a habitat, ie limiting its carbon footprint, while promoting sustainable development. For three years and the famous “Thermal Regulation 2012” law, the Ministry of Ecology has taken a series of measures in favor of ecological work, from the “Solidarity energy pact” validated in 2013 to media announcements of collections and replacements of Electricity

From words to deeds, the margin remains substantial

According to the Engie survey (ex-GDF Suez since April 2015), 74% of French people feel personally concerned by energy savings, and 72% point to the need for work to insulate their homes. Among these, the main reason would be above all nobly to preserve the environment (46%), far ahead of social (17%) and economic (16%) considerations. These statements are somewhat difficult to accept, the economic interest (reduction of invoices) often constituting, by the admission of building professionals, the number 1 argument for carrying out ecological work.

Beyond the good intentions - more or less credible - of the survey, it remains to pass to the practice. Because there are also bad figures, very real and confirmed. The overconsumption of energy most often results from outdated heating equipment (15 million old electric radiators still in use) and poor thermal insulation. Poorly or poorly insulated roofs are responsible for 30% of a house's energy losses. In total, 20% of the French population (5 million households) is in a situation of fuel poverty.

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