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COP24: What commitments at the end of the conference?

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Bringing together nearly 200 countries, the COP24 took place in Poland, in Katowice, from December 3 to 14, 2018. The negotiations did not lead to new commitments, despite the alarming report published by the scientists of the IPCC (Group of 'intergovernmental experts on climate change). Within public opinion, many voices regret the meager results of these talks.

An increasingly alarming climate context

The 24th Climate Conference was preceded by the publication of the report prepared by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). A few weeks before the event, scientists sounded the alarm on the global catastrophic situation. The countdown has struck: to avoid exceeding a 1.5 ° C increase by 2030, it is crucial to cut CO2 emissions by half by then. A conclusion that is not unanimous with the United States, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Russia. Their reluctance was decisive in the final decision. The outcome of this conference does not present an effective commitment for the years to come.

High expectations following the 2015 agreement

After the adoption of the Paris agreement, the countries got to work with the negotiations of the terms of the agreement as a new step. A step initiated during COP22 (in Morocco). The following year, at COP23 (in Germany), a decision was taken to agree to a year of dialogue with the aim of presenting a report at COP24. At the end of these discussions held in December 2018, a user manual of approximately 100 pages was presented, gathering the methods for monitoring actions by the countries.
A sterile response to the climate emergency, according to numerous international organizations such as WWF or Greenpeace. It should be noted that many delegations came with the lively hope of obtaining firm commitments in terms of greenhouse gas reductions. But in a very tense and unfavorable geopolitical context, priority was given to finalizing the rules for implementing the agreement. As a reminder, here are the key stages of the international summits of COP21 and COP22 .

On the sidelines of the conference, the protests

Despite the agreement made in 2015, the United States, through the voice of Donald Trump, withdrew on June 1, 2017, considering that the Paris agreement was too unfavorable to them. COP24 therefore did not host a participating US delegation. However, the president's advisor has moved in order to promote nuclear and fossil fuels. An initiative which was worth to him to be interrupted during his speech by about fifty demonstrators present.
We also remember from the COP24 the face of the Swedish environmental activist: Greta Thunberg, a 15-year-old high school student who goes on strike every Friday in front of the Swedish parliament, to protest against the inaction of politicians in the face of global warming. His initiative is emulated, with many actions carried out by high school and college students all over the world.

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