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The “SmartFlower”, the renewal of photovoltaics?

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Individuals in France benefit from a subsidy for photovoltaic solar energy, in order to encourage the use of this “green” energy. However, the photovoltaic share in national energy production is still marginal, and far from other European countries such as Germany. An Austrian innovation, disseminated in France by EDF, could perhaps change the market in the years to come. Aesthetic, efficient and requiring little or no major work, the SmartFlower embodies the progress of high technology in the service of sustainable development.

An inventory of photovoltaics in France

Photovoltaic solar energy is one of the most “green” energy sources possible. Five years are enough to recover the energy spent in the manufacture and transport of panels with a lifespan of 20 to 25 years, the energy saving is therefore very real. In addition, the State encourages the installation of solar panels with tax credits, as well as the resale of energy produced to EDF at often attractive, and non-taxable, rates.

In fact, the success of French photovoltaics is still very relative. Despite certain growth, in 2014 the share of photovoltaics in national electricity production was only 1.3%, and 1.4% in 2015, according to studies by France Territoire Solaire and the Electric Intelligence Network. .

Results far from large nations like China, Japan, the United States or even Germany, the leader in this green energy. Germany is by far the 1st rank of European photovoltaic electricity producers ahead of Italy and Spain, with nearly 40% share of production. It is also the first nation in the world in terms of the use of solar electricity, with nearly 23% of the world total.

SmartFlower, photovoltaic at home, autonomous and without work

If the cost and scale of the work required to install photovoltaic panels can be off- putting , S martFlower seems to be a serious alternative. As its name suggests, this photovoltaic device looks like a large flower six meters high, the twelve petals of which are collectors of solar energy. Made in Austria, this “smart flower” has recently been released in France by EDF. In addition to its quite remarkable aesthetic appearance, this installation displays real energy performance, thanks to a concentration of technological innovations.

Like a sunflower, the SmartFlower follows the daily evolution of the sun, in order to make the most of the rays. It closes again in the evening or in the event of strong winds, to reopen with the appearance of the sun, in a programmed and autonomous manner. In the event of a move, it can simply be unplugged and taken to the new place of residence. An advanced version can even be used as a charging station for electric cars.

Far from being a simple aesthetic gadget, SmartFlower provides 40% more efficiency than fixed photovoltaic panels, thanks to its intelligent rotary system. This technological flower is thus capable of producing 3,500 kWh per year, ie the daily electricity needs of an average family. It requires little or no major installation work: only installation and connection are taken into account.

The cost of purchasing the SmartFlower is high for individuals (around 20,000 euros). It can prove to be profitable more quickly for professionals, and also for local communities (town halls, schools), its aesthetics ensuring an additional appeal. For the most artistic souls or those most eager for originality, it is even possible to customize the colors of its intelligent flower.

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