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The top 5 electrical appliances that consume the most in the house!

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In 40 years, the electricity consumption of the French has increased by 280%. Even if manufacturers are offering less and less energy-consuming electrical devices, they are more and more numerous, widely used and keep pushing up the bill. But do you know which devices consume the most in your home? Discover the Top 5!

1. The oven

Each French household consumes, on average, more than 1,000 kWh per year with a simple oven. The latter thus dominates the ranking of the most energy-consuming devices. And for good reason: it often runs at full speed for long minutes / hours. However, solutions exist! By using a fan-assisted oven and / or a combination oven, you can reduce cooking time and achieve significant savings: up to 75% less electricity consumption compared to traditional ovens.

2. The radiator & the water heater

These devices also consume, on average, more than 1,000 kWh per year. They could even have arrived at the top of the ranking if they did not concern only part of French households (only 35% to 40% of homes). Indeed, many households heat themselves with gas and / or fuel oil. However, even if you use these electrical devices, here are some tips to help you limit their consumption: prefer showers to baths, insulate your home as much as possible, reduce the power of your heaters at night and during your absences. These small, simple gestures will save you significant money!

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3. The baking sheet

Even if they consume less than the oven, your hotplates are particularly energy intensive. In fact, households that are equipped with it consume, on average, 700 to 800 kWh per year. To limit this consumption, do not hesitate to cut the power a little before the end of your cooking. Your pans, always hot, will continue to heat the food but without electricity consumption! Also remember to use pots and pans adapted to the size of your plates, without forgetting to cover them: the cooking will go faster and your consumption will therefore be less important.

4. The air conditioner

Even though fewer and fewer people can do without it, air conditioning often drives up electricity bills significantly. It is estimated, on average, that air conditioning consumes between 500 and 800 kWh per year. To limit the operating time of this type of device, used mainly in summer, the solutions are simple: close the windows, blinds and curtains, without forgetting to ventilate your home well at night. If you are away, also remember to turn off your air conditioner. You will do an action that is both ecological and economical!

5. The dryer

With this household appliance, the electricity consumption is, on average, 350 kWh per year. For large families, who use their tumble dryers very often, this figure can even skyrocket. Thus, it is better to favor the most recent tumble dryers which consume much less energy. To optimize your consumption, do not hesitate to wring out your laundry well before putting it in the dryer and, as soon as the weather is nice, go directly to dry it outside!

To save energy on a larger scale, you must also learn about the insulation of your home, your openings and windows, etc. Think about it if your energy bill is too heavy!
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