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Contain life: the company that recycles maritime containers into homes!

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Even at the end of its life, the maritime container retains all its robustness. Contain Life, managed by Jean-Baptiste Jarretou, has been able to exploit the potential of these containers. In a context where preserving the environment is a major issue, the daring team has embarked on a somewhat unusual recycling. These old containers, now useless for maritime transport, are thus transformed into modern and comfortable studios.

The concept of Contain Life

Contain Life is inspired by modular constructions. The young company rigorously selects the containers, the fundamental criterion based on the condition of the roof. The homes are then prefabricated in the workshop in order to reduce the time required for work on the site. Priority is given to design and quality of materials.

The idea is to offer contemporary and unusual homes but in perfect harmony with nature thanks to their ecological properties. The metal structure which serves as a support for the modules is placed on concrete pads. It is therefore possible to "move" the house simply by removing the bolts and transporting the containers by road.

For the time being, the achievements of Contain Life are specifically aimed at leisure accommodation.

Zoom on the manufacturing process of residential containers

Each studio is an assembly of two containers attached by bolts. The team sanded the containers to remove rust spots and rid the steel of paint residue. The various cuts follow that allow the future home to take shape in a progressive manner. Metal beams are placed at the openings and the structure in order to reinforce them effectively. This preparation is completed with two coats of anti-rust paint.

The manufacture is done exclusively from sustainable materials of French manufacture. Corten slabs and wood from the black mountain are used for the cladding. As for the aluminum joinery conforming to the RT 2012, they come out of the Carcassonne factories.

AEREBAT contributed to the double insulation of the metamorphosed containers (from the inside and the outside). Aluminum heat shields have been implemented to ensure high thermal resistance.

The tightness of the studio has not been neglected. At the same time, a consuel is issued to owners, assuring them of the conformity of the electrical installation. Air conditioning is also provided.

The installation of housing containers is done on serviced, constructible and easily accessible land.

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