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How to save while moving?

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Any move has a cost: boxes, truck rental, moving company, etc. However, there are tips that allow you to save on certain expense items. In this article, discover some tips and tricks to save money when moving.

Ask for boxes

Cardboard boxes are an essential part of the move to store clothes, dishes, decoration, books, etc. Save money by avoiding buying them: get them from merchants for example. This is the easiest way to collect boxes for free. Go to clothing stores, toys, or supermarkets. These signs generally have cardboard sizes suitable for a move.

Also ask those around you: family member, neighbors, or even work colleagues. If someone moves right before you, they will have done the collection work for you, and you will help them by getting rid of the boxes they no longer need!

Sort your stuff

Take advantage of this change of accommodation to sort out your belongings. Anything you throw away or donate before D-Day will not have to be moved. By getting rid of your old clothes, aging dishes or any other object, you will save space in the vehicle used to transport your belongings. By doing so, you will save time in terms of loading and unloading and thus reduce costs.

Calculate the essential volume

If you have to rent a truck, think carefully about the size of the truck. This will avoid paying for space that you will not use during the move. For a quick and easy estimate of the truck to hire, check out this tool , for example.

Always in the idea of ​​reducing the moving budget, prefer the one-way rental to the standard round trip, because the rates are generally cheaper.

Find people to help you

When you move alone, there are different ways to save money. First of all, help from relatives, of course: family, friends and neighbors. Second solution: Get support from a professional who offers a participatory solution, such as Demeclic for example. Thanks to its participatory moving concept, Demeclic invites you and your friends to actively participate during your move. This allows you to be accompanied by professionals, to move with guarantees (obligation of result, insurance of your friends and family and insurance of personal effects) while benefiting from a very attractive price. The concept of co-relocation is simple: the more participants there are (5 maximum), the less it costs you (up to - 70% reduction compared to a traditional mover).

Make several quotes if you go through a moving company

If you don't have enough time when it comes time to move, or if you want to make things easier for yourself, hire a moving company. These companies offer turnkey moving services. Make several quotes to find the best price. To help you, moving quotes comparators exist, such as Emoovz for example. This type of site allows you to save time and choose from several quotes from movers.

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