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Designing a kitchen: our advice

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Reserved for the preparation of your various dishes, the kitchen is one of the centerpieces of your home. It is for this reason that its installation must be carried out with the greatest care. Do you want to arrange your kitchen to make it a comfortable and pleasant space, but above all practical? Discover in this article some kitchen layout ideas.

Respect the direction of traffic, or activity triangle

There are three essential elements to your kitchen plan layout, the location of which you need to watch out for. These are the refrigerator, sink and hob which are the main areas where most of the work is done in this room. Because the majority of the trips you will have to make will be between these three points, you must respect a certain distance. Make sure that the worktop is equidistant from these elements. In other words, you have to remember to respect this triangle of activity during your kitchen development work. The installation of the hob or sink in the corners should be avoided for this.

Think carefully about the path of clean and dirty

Another important step in your kitchen layout is to find the ideal solution for the flow of clean and dirty. As soon as they return from the dining room, your dirty dishes and plates must be put in the dishwasher for cleaning. But long before, these utensils will have to make a detour to the trash and, if necessary, to the sink. You must arrange your room so that these different elements are as close as possible to each other. In this option, care must be taken to ensure that the circulation between these points is fairly fluid. In addition, the cabinets, cupboards and drawers where you will store your dishes must also be installed near your dishwasher.

The light

Keep in mind that natural lighting alone will not provide you with sufficient light in your kitchen. That is why you need to think carefully about how to arrange and equip the kitchen with other light sources. For general lighting, you can opt for a ceiling light. It is the ideal solution to enjoy medium brightness everywhere in your kitchen. You must also choose lighting such as particularly powerful directional spotlights that you will place under the wall units, ensuring that they are oriented towards the various areas of the worktop (examples of spots here ). If your kitchen opens onto the dining room, you should focus on mood lighting. In this eventuality, you have the choice between different solutions: colored neon displayed on the wall units or even backlit china cabinet.

What about decoration and storage solutions?

As for storage, several solutions exist. Besides the various kitchen furniture, the sideboards as well as the buffets are advantageous choices. For example, find out about BUT's offers in this area by clicking here .

For decoration, there is no shortage of inspirations on the internet. Stroll on Pinterest, and on decoration sites to find the style that you like the most. Simple accessories can bring real added value to the decor of this room. Original storage, stickers on the fridge, colored or patterned kitchen linen (at Linvosges for example), etc.

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