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Practical, ecological and (very) economical: the Tiny Houses

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The concept of a small habitable wooden cabin took on all its interest with Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and especially the American subprime crisis in 2008. Until now perched in trees or at the bottom of gardens for the joy of children, these Tiny Houses have become a pragmatic solution for the victims of the banking and financial crisis, unable to repay their loans. Almost 70% of new American buyers of Tiny House are now avoiding mortgage debts, which however concerns 70% of buyers of "classic" houses.

The attractive compromise: less expensive and ecological

The interests of acquiring a Tiny House are numerous, and attractive. The economic factor is the most preponderant within this specific market, which targets customers in need of atypical desires, but also and above all with the tightest budgets. Reducing debt to a minimum, in order to devote as much resources as possible to leisure as quickly as possible, a shocking argument that is increasingly attracting new buyers. With costs varying between 15 and 30,000 euros, the Tiny Houses cheerfully defy the competition of concrete. In addition to economic freedom, these wooden cabins offer the possibility of a particularly useful nomadism in an increasingly evolving labor market throughout professional life.

Living economically is also living ecologically. And on this now essential theme, Tiny Houses also make a difference compared to conventional houses. If the heating costs represent 65% of the energy costs of a “normal” house, the Tiny Houses reduce the expenditure to a minimum, with a reduced surface area and a naturally insulating wooden frame. Even the construction materials are ecological and reduced to a minimum, ensuring a very small carbon footprint. So many good reasons that are attracting more and more followers, who fail to bother with a building permit, but are delighted with their driving license.

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