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Building your house in containers: trendy and economical

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As part of Heritage Days, the city of Lyon offered on Saturday, September 19 a visit to the Passerelle Building inaugurated in April 2015, a modular habitat made up of dozens of maritime containers. Originally thought to deal with the student housing crisis, this idea has become trendy in recent years for individuals looking for originality, sustainable development, and also savings.

In 2005, the city of Amsterdam decided to invest in the Tempohousing project: 1,000 containers stacked on 5 floors to relieve the student housing crisis. Efficient, ecological and economical, this concept was adopted by the city of Le Havre in 2010, and is currently the subject of a vast project ( Contenaire City ) for the London docks. But recently, containers have also become popular with individuals. By assembling, cutting and modulating metal boxes, and with a little imagination, we obtain trendy, aesthetic housing (according to taste), and with certain ecological and economic attractions.

Serious ecological interests for the planet, and economic for individuals

The interest of these unusual habitats are manifold. The use of containers makes housing plans theoretically infinitely flexible, mainly based on the cutting of metal boxes and their arrangement. Two to three months are enough to obtain a quality home, against one year on average for a house; each container costs 1,500 to 4,000 euros. For interior fittings, the skill of first-time buyers can further reduce the cost of the work.

In terms of sustainable development, once the essential (and mandatory) thermal insulation work has been carried out, the containers are easy to maintain due to their steel structure, which ensures them foolproof robustness - in accordance with their vocation. first. This new form of habitat also represents an ecological safeguard solution, as containers have so far been little or never recycled.

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