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What are the latest kitchen design trends?

sulu trendy kitchen

Over the years, the kitchen becomes a real living room. It is often considered to be the heart of the house. Are you planning to build or renovate your kitchen? To have a kitchen that is both modern and functional, don't miss out on the latest trends!

Wood combines with other materials

Even if wooden kitchens are still popular, manufacturers are increasingly offering combinations of materials. Successful bet ! Indeed, in many configurations, wood is sublimated by more modern materials. Dare, for example, to install a lacquered worktop that contrasts with touches of rough wood on your furniture. Elegance guaranteed!

Stainless steel is attracting more and more

Today, many contemporary kitchens are ... in stainless steel! This material, once considered "cold" and difficult to enhance, is now sublimated when the kitchen alternates the effects between frosted stainless steel and smooth stainless steel. Yes, stainless steel is becoming modern again and the manufacturers have understood this well! The latter also offer anti-fingerprint treatments on their stainless steel furniture, which improves both aesthetics and longevity. Enough to take full advantage of all the advantages of stainless steel!

Matte cuisine returns to center stage

In recent years, bright kitchens have been particularly popular. The trend now seems to be reversing. Now, matte kitchens are more fashionable than ever! If you are more attracted by the refined and / or industrial decor, opt, for example, for a beautiful matte kitchen in dark colors. In this type of configuration, concrete also takes pride of place. Do not deprive yourself, the choice is not lacking!

The central island, an essential for large kitchens

Available in different shapes and all kinds of materials, the islands can be used as storage units, worktops, cooking racks or even dining tables. A real kitchen hub and often offered in several designs, the island fits easily into all kinds of decorations.

Nordic cuisine, always in fashion

Simplicity is (always) good with so-called "Nordic" kitchens! These combine aesthetics and robustness. Often offered in light wood, with beautiful refined furniture and strong lines, the Nordic kitchen brings a nice touch of authenticity and warmth to its interior. Another good news: Nordic cuisine should still have a bright future ahead!

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