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Latest Deco Trends: the creation of a custom-made children's room in 3D

bed-cabin-mauve - sulu

An attic bedroom, a bedroom with high ceilings, or even small spaces with nooks? Each room can have its own peculiarities. And sometimes, installing a bed and children's furniture is simply a headache.

How to reconcile a child's room decor that is both original and practical in an atypical bedroom?

A Norman company, Abra-ma cabane , innovates by proposing to adapt each project to its space in 3D video before realization.


The creation of a personalized bed in 3D video: How does it work?

It is from drawings, sketches or photos sent that the cabin bed creation project can begin. The company makes proposals and is responsible for making a 3D video in 360 ° vision. The video thus shows bed and furniture in situation with the specific features of the room. Nooks and crannies, under the slope, everything is repeated with the added bonus of the color of the bedroom walls.

Cabin bunk bed, bed on casters, or even duplex bed… All the proposals are interesting to study. And very often, the ideas of some feed the ideas of others.

After agreement with the customer, the project is created then delivered and installed.

A local and ecological approach while preserving ... children's health

Rewarded at the 76 craftsmanship trophies last year, the company works in partnership with Norman companies. Indeed, the paint comes from a company from Brionne and the wood comes from sustainably managed forests.

The materials are also selected for their harmlessness. The wood is solid and the paint is natural. This attention to the quality of the materials makes it possible to respect children's health by limiting the emanation of pollutants as much as possible.

It is therefore for its ecological and local approach that the company was rewarded with the “Young Company” prize at the Seine Maritime crafts trophies.

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