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Arrangement under stairs: our advice


Creative ideas for interior design under stairs

It is a place that is sometimes overlooked, even though it offers a tremendous opportunity to optimize space. The location under the stairs can be used in many ways, with a development in consultation with the architecture of the place. It is all the more practical to use this space when looking for additional space in the accommodation. Here are different possibilities of arrangement under stairs, in the form of ideas and tips.

A cramped space transformed into a functional place

Depending on the location, the light and the surface, it is quite possible to transform a space under stairs to make it a functional place, with a minimum of tricks. It can take on the appearance of an additional closet, a complement or even a full-fledged living room. To do this, it is necessary to respect a few aesthetic criteria and to choose the most appropriate function for this niche, with a few decorative tips and a little imagination.

A place that replaces a missing piece

In a loft or in a small studio, there is no doubt that you have to compete in imagination to optimize space. The presence of a staircase represents a perfect opportunity to create additional space. It can be converted into an additional room, in the form of an office, a sitting area or a kitchen area. We can also plan the arrangement under the stairs as part of the creation of a lounge space, with a bench or armchairs to create a reading corner.

Various options depending on the staircase design

Some spaces under the stairs are open and lit, while others are deep recessed. This makes it possible to consider different scenarios of arrangement under stairs, by adding a few points of light or mirrors. For pet owners, this space can be used in an original way to caulk the cat's litter box. You just have to close the space, leaving an entry and exit point for your feline friend.

An original storage space

It is also a place that can be used for storage. You can use it to hang coats as a cloakroom, or use it as a walk-in closet, with built-in lockers or drawers. If the orientation is optimal, we can also think of having the television set, or a library. So many ideas that can be easily realized thanks to accessories or small furniture easy to install.

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