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Adjust the temperature of your home from a smartphone? Logical, and possible


The French electric heating market remains quite substantial, despite increasingly severe European legislation on energy expenditure. If in recent years electric heaters have become more and more intelligent and more and more economical, a new device now makes it possible to remotely monitor the exploits of this type of equipment on a smartphone, and to modify the temperature before returning home.

Directly resulting from the Grenelle of the environment of 2007, the law “RT 2012” imposes for three years on new buildings to strongly limit their consumption of primary energy. This regulation thus promotes the use of gas heating, which is more economical than electric. However, sales of electric heaters remain high, with two million appliances sold each year; a third of homes in France use this heating method. To adapt to European regulations and remain competitive, the market is therefore offering increasingly sophisticated equipment.

A high-tech, ecological and economical system

In recent years, radiators have become "intelligent", that is to say capable of adapting themselves to all situations of everyday life. Presence detectors make it possible to identify the presence or absence of a person, and thus automatically adjust the temperature. The same principle is valid in the event of a window left open. In addition to being intelligent, the radiators are also connected to each other, to optimize the heating of the entire home.

The latest innovation in this still confidential sector pushes connectivity even further. Thanks to an application from the Muller group, a specialist in thermal insulation, home owners can remotely manage their radiators on smartphones, tablets and computers, monitoring consumption and modifying heating parameters. In addition to the high-tech side of the system, the energy savings are very real and represent an interesting investment: smart radiators allow savings of nearly 50%.

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