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Printing your house in 3D, the near future of the building?


The University of Nantes has just finalized its little gem: INNOprint 3D, a 3D printer capable of creating from scratch a house 3 meters high in half an hour, capable of accommodating several people in emergency conditions. Medium-term objective: to build houses on a standard scale.

Building a house in 3D is not strictly speaking a revolution. In 2014, two companies, one Chinese and the other American, stunned the world with giant robots capable of printing a 1,100 square meter villa and a five-story building, using recycled materials. The INNOprint 3D robot from the University of Nantes is here on a “human” size, so to speak, while printing at unprecedented speed, and is easily transportable by plane to deal with humanitarian crisis situations anywhere in the world. world.

An ultra-economical and very ecological construction technique

The 3D printing of habitats represents a tremendous hope for sustainable development. This type of construction allows ecological work to be carried out, with drastic energy savings, and the use of materials that are much cleaner than concrete. On the other hand, the robots calculate as accurately as possible the use of the resources necessary for the 3D printing, and ensure the realization themselves, thus limiting the losses of materials, energy and time. All of these parameters would lead to very serious construction savings, from 50 to 80% for a standard house according to 3D printer designers.

The University of Nantes intends to continue the momentum of INNOprint 3D, by developing robots capable of printing without limits horizontally, and up to 7 meters high. The obvious objective of the university, in partnership with other specialized establishments in Nantes, is to succeed in printing on sites real habitable houses in large series, and in compliance with European regulations.

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