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Home automation: what innovations to lower your energy bill?

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Originally, home automation solutions were designed with the aim of simplifying our lives. But research regularly leads to new discoveries, some of which relate to energy saving. Zoom in on these products that will help you keep control over your bills.

Hydrao: the smart shower head

We owe the conception of Hydrao to the Grenoble-based start-up Smart & Blue. The use of this connected object is understandable by all, including the youngest children. Indeed, a lighting system operating thanks to integrated LEDs makes it possible to know the water consumption. Up to 10 liters, the knob lights up green. A blue light indicates consumption of up to 20 liters. If you have used more than 30 liters, the light will turn red. This same red then starts flashing beyond 50 liters. Consumption per user and per household can easily be analyzed thanks to connectivity.

Smart thermostats

Honeywell Lyric, Ecobee3, Qivivo… connected thermostats compete in performance. Depending on the model, they measure the room temperature to adjust the interior temperature, go off when a human presence is detected in a room, or can simply be pre-programmed to have your home at the right temperature when you return. The detectors record all the information (including manual settings) so that your heating system works intelligently.

Today there are even connected valves for radiators, invented by the company Netatmo.

Home automation at the service of your security

The protection of goods and people is at the center of the concerns of French households. Fortunately, the range of inventions is very extensive. This includes presence simulators to be programmed when you are away for more or less extended periods. Other systems order the switching off of household appliances as soon as there is no one left at home.

Connected hotplates

Like the Whirlpool Cook Top, the hobs can now be controlled remotely. In addition to being able to manage the start and stop, it is possible to connect the hob to your fridge. You will be able to know the content and adapt your recipes or make your purchases online. Wherever you are, you will have access to the recorded data and thus ensure that your device does not consume any unnecessary energy.

Connected lighting

The electricity bill is quite difficult to manage. Indeed, it is enough to forget to switch off in a room for the expenses to increase. With smart lights and bulbs, you can easily manage your lighting. For example, you have the possibility of adapting the brightness to your activity (intense light for cooking and subdued for reading, among other things). It is also possible to switch on remotely to simulate your presence, to switch off remotely in case of forgetting or simply to define the operating hours of the lights in each room.

In order to really lower your energy bills, it is important to use home automation sparingly. Connected toothbrushes, for example, have no real use and yet consume a significant amount of energy. So limit yourself to what is strictly necessary, including devices that will ensure your well-being and safety.

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