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New energy checks in 2019

Following the decree published in the Official Journal dated December 28, 2018, the ceiling for the distribution of the energy voucher was revised upwards, bringing the number of households benefiting from this aid to 5.8 million (compared to 3.6 million millions so far). Households in a situation of energy poverty can thus reduce their budget for energy expenditure for the house (electricity, heating, etc.).

What is the energy check?

Today, households devote a tenth of their budget to energy costs. This includes electricity but also heating. To relieve them, the energy check has been distributed to eligible households since January 2018. It follows the social tariffs for electricity and gas applied until this period. This measure makes it possible to fight against fuel poverty , a phenomenon which is affecting more and more households in France. Note that diesel and gasoline costs are not included.

What are the eligibility criteria for the 2019 energy voucher?

From January 2019, people who can benefit from the energy check must have annual income of 10,700 euros for a single person, and 16,050 euros for a couple . For each additional person living in the household, the ceiling is increased by 3,210 euros. In total, 5.8 million people can apply for the energy check.

What does a 2019 energy check correspond to?

The amount of the energy voucher is currently 200 euros on average in 2019 , against 150 euros until the end of December 2018. An amount that has been increased, in addition to the eligibility criteria. Households received on average between 48 and 227 euros until the end of December 2018, and can now be allocated a variable amount ranging from 76 to 277 euros per year. With this check, it is possible to pay all or part of the energy consumption bill, within the possible validity limit (validity one year). In addition to electricity or gas bills, it is also possible to pay for other energy sources or renovation work by sending energy checks.

How to benefit from the 2019 energy voucher?

To check if you are eligible for the energy check, go to the Chequeenergie.gouv.fr portal of the Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition, to use the simulation tool. You just need to enter your reference tax income before knowing if you can apply for the energy check. If so, you get it by mail between March and April.

Good to know : the energy check can also be used for other services, in particular the commissioning of a meter (electricity or gas). If you have an energy check, the supplier is automatically prohibited from reducing incoming power. It also allows you to obtain an 80% discount on a technician's invoice requested to reopen a meter.

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