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Energy premiums 2019 what's new?

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What are the 2019 Energy Bonuses and how can I benefit from them?

Insulation and energy improvement work, even if they result in savings in the long term, have a very high initial cost that can make homeowners hesitate to take the plunge. Faced with the climate and energy challenges facing all countries in the world, the State has put in place several mechanisms which totally or partially finance home energy improvement work.
Among these devices, energy bonuses are still relevant in 2019 and help to make real rapid savings while improving quality of life. In this article, find all the useful information on this type of aid, from its financing to its payment.

Small reminder of the definition of energy bonuses 2019

Energy premiums can be summed up in a reimbursement of a more or less significant part of your expenditure on insulation, heating or ventilation work. They are also called the CEE premium (for Energy Saving Certificate) or the eco-energy premiums, since the work they finance improves the comfort and energy consumption of your home.
These financial aids are financed by energy suppliers (fossil or not) who have the obligation to offer solutions to their customers to finance their work. To put it simply, each energy supplier obtains an Energy Saving Certificate (CEE) when it allows a customer to improve his comfort of life through eco-energy bonuses. These companies are required to obtain a minimum number of EWCs each year, under penalty of a heavy fine. In other words, the more the customers of these suppliers improve their habitat, the less these companies will risk a sanction: the interest of energy improvement work is therefore common.

How to apply for and obtain the 2019 energy bonuses

After doing a work loan simulation , you can start the process to obtain financial aid reducing the cost of renovation work:
  • First, simulate the energy premium in order to find out the amount
  • Apply for your EEC premium online BEFORE signing your work estimate
  • Once the agreement has been obtained, contact a recognized craftsman responsible for the environment to carry out the work.
  • Once the work has been carried out, complete your file which you will have previously completed with the certificate on honor of the end of the work, the estimate, the invoice for the work and, if applicable, your tax notice in case of modest income
  • You receive your reimbursement by letter-check within an average of 4 weeks from receipt of your file

How are these premiums calculated?

The 2019 energy bonuses are calculated according to very precise parameters, which take into account each situation on a case-by-case basis. For information, insulation work, change of door frames, installation of a new ecological heating system or VMC (single or double flow) are eligible for energy bonuses.

There are means-tested conditions to benefit from this aid. Open to all, they are however more important when the income does not exceed certain ceilings, which can be consulted on the various sites dealing with the subject.