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Two wooden buildings in Bordeaux in 2020

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In Bordeaux, two wooden towers over fifty meters high (a record) are expected in the coming years.

"Perspective", the tallest wooden tower in the world

Last January it was not the first stone but the first beam which was symbolically fixed by the local Girondins elected officials to launch the “Perspective” site, located at one of the entrances to Bordeaux on the quai de Brienne . With seven floors and 30 meters in height, “Perspective” promises to be the tallest wooden tower in the world. It will be a tertiary building, housing 4,600 m² of offices and terraces.

The project was entrusted to the Pichet Group based near Bordeaux, one of the largest French property development companies. Designed by the architect Nicolas Laisné (Agence Laisné-Rousset), “Perspective” should a priori be completed next year.

Contrary to possible prejudices, building a wooden building is, in theory, nothing insurmountable or hazardous or even dangerous. Conversely, it is a serious ecological alternative to large concrete complexes, without being more fragile or more sensitive to fires. In terms of sustainable development, wood thus largely crushes the flagship material of construction, highly polluting. It does not emit greenhouse gases (but conversely, it traps it), is recyclable at the end of its life, and in particular constitutes an excellent acoustic and above all thermal insulator, nearly twelve times better than concrete. .

The “Perspective” tower is thus advertised as a so-called passive building, with very low energy consumption or even less than its own energy production. Structurally, the technique used is that of " Cross Laminated Timber " (CLT). It is the use of pine wood (of Gironde origin) distributed in several powerfully interlocking layers, which provide rigidity comparable to that of concrete, and similar or even greater fire resistance.

Bordeaux, the future capital of wooden buildings?

This spectacular achievement is part of a vast Girondin program called “Bordeaux Euratlantique”. It is 25,000 m² of wooden constructions which are expected each year.

With nearly 20,000 housing units and 500,000 m² of offices planned, this is one of the modernization sub-programs of “Bordeaux 2030”, the largest urban development project in France.

One of the most spectacular towers will be called “Hyperion”, created by the Eiffage and Woodeum group, and the architectural group Jean-Paul Viguier & associés. “Hyperion”, the first wooden element of which should be installed in September 2017, defies superlatives. It will be by far the largest wooden residential building, 57 meters high and no less than 82 apartments. The whole with a completely original aestheticism: a building equipped with balconies in the form of corbelled, notably increasing the living space.

To ensure the rigidity of such a building, the cross-laminated technique is also used here. The foundations and the ground floor will however be made of concrete, in order to support the 1,400 m 3 of solid wood, which will also store a thousand tonnes of carbon, or 17 years of heating consumption by its inhabitants. To come and admire the final result, you will have to wait until at least January 2020 ...

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