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How to integrate wood in your bathroom?

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Transforming a bathroom into a warm and modern room is not that complicated. You just need to choose the right materials. If the wood has long been left out, the water-repellent treatments now allow it to invite itself into the water features. Find out how to integrate it to obtain the most authentic decoration.

Wood to enhance your furniture

Modern manufacturing techniques make it possible to create wooden furniture for the bathroom. It is also an ingenious idea since this material gives character to the room.

Let yourself be seduced by the storage columns, cupboards or even vanity units. According to your desires, you can favor refined styles or furniture with a more sophisticated design.

Moreover, the details should not be overlooked. Metal or leather handles as well as integrated LED lighting will give wooden furniture a more contemporary look. For more originality, do not hesitate to choose colored furniture.

Wood to dress walls and floors

Do you want a natural bathroom? Consider replacing the tiles with parquet. Please note, not all woods are suitable for a damp room. Laminate floors are therefore not recommended. Instead, focus on teak, which is rot-proof, and make sure that the wood has previously undergone a water-repellent treatment. Sealing is essential, however, we must not forget the aesthetic side.

Dressing the walls with paneling is quite possible, even in a bathroom. Here again, you must choose species that resist humidity. By covering only one wall, you will obtain a decoration reminiscent of spas. If you really want to install paneling on all four walls, stop halfway up to avoid overloading.

Accessories that make the difference

If you are not tempted by wooden furniture, or if your budget is too tight to change walls or floors, you can limit yourself to accessories. Indeed, falling back on accessories is more subtle, but also more economical.

A mirror with a wooden frame will add warmth to your decor. Otherwise, there is the possibility of investing in a teak shelf or even a few storage boxes for cosmetics and linen. A wooden sink or shower column will not lack charm, either.

The basic rule is to systematically check that the wood has been treated to be perfectly waterproof.

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