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Ecological concrete, material of the future?

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Moussa Thiam, a young Malian expatriate in Canada came up with the idea of ​​inventing a new type of ecological cement, based on sand, gravel and plastic waste. Concrete is one of the most used mineral assemblies of man.

However, ranked among the most polluting in the world, the cement used in concrete alone is responsible for around 5% of greenhouse gas emissions in the world. Hence the determination of this man to find more ecological solutions. Thus, since November 2012, he has been developing a technique for transforming plastic waste into sustainable construction materials.

The concept of this ecological concrete

By inventing this type of concrete, Moussa Thiam's goal is to remove clinker, the main constituent of cement which requires very high energy consumption since it requires firing at over 1000 ° C. Here, the clinker is replaced by a mixture with gravel, sand and plastic waste. This mixture will then create the binder of the material. This same concept is applied to the production of concrete, but with the raw materials introduced into a furnace to be heated to around one hundred degrees.

The advantage of this more environmentally friendly concrete lies above all in its cost, and the savings it can generate. Indeed, according to Moussa Thiam, a cubic meter of concrete costs between 125,000 and 150,000 CFA francs in Mali, the equivalent of 190 to 228 euros, while the price of ecological cement could be 15% cheaper.

Ecological concrete, a new material of tomorrow?

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