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The renewal of the stone house

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In addition to having an indisputable aesthetic appeal, stone construction is far less polluting and more durable than concrete.

Stone, champion of sustainable development

Stone construction essentially offers two major advantages: it is ecological and aesthetic. In terms of sustainable development, it is simply unbeatable. Resistant to accidents and bad weather, it defies the ages. The oldest stone monuments in France, confirming the strength of this type of building: Temple of Augustus and Livia in Vienna (1st century BC), Tour Magne in Nimes (3rd century BC), The table of Locmariaquer merchants (4th century BC), Cairn Barnenez in Plouezoc'h (5000 BC) ...

Stone is an excellent natural thermal insulator, regulating the temperature in both winter and summer; it is also a very good sound insulator. As the expression "Only the stones remain" indicates, the stone does not burn, and its implementation only releases a low carbon footprint. It is also fully recyclable, which can be used for new constructions. Finally, stone is a noble and remarkably aesthetic material which, coupled with its insulation characteristics, virtually eliminates any covering material.

There are many types of stone (marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, etc.) which, depending on the region, can facilitate the construction of the house, notably reducing the distances between the place of extraction and the place of construction. However, it is virtually possible to build a stone house anywhere and with any stone from foreign countries, as with the largest palaces and buildings. Provided, of course, that you pay the price.

A qualitative product, potentially very expensive

This is obviously the other side of the coin to all these advantages: building a stone house can quickly become very expensive. Paradoxically rare material, the cost of stone varies according to the nobility of its nature and in particular the distance between the place of construction and the origin of the materials.

The treatment and the size of the stones also require skilled labor and a particularly high number of hours of work depending on the construction techniques observed. The so-called “dry stone” construction is thus based on the process used in ancient Rome: no binder is added to hold the stones together, these being precisely wedged on top of each other; a spectacular work of craftsmanship, which requires substantial know-how.

To reduce the bill, there are several alternatives to the majestic dimension stone, such as rock stone, just as aesthetic but more affordable. It is also possible to combine stone with wood, another trendy and very aesthetic ecological material. Another solution consists of "cheating", that is to say, imitating building stones with facing stones. About ten centimeters thick, these elements are attached to classic breeze-block walls, imitating cut stone very well - but without having the advantages of insulation.

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