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The steel frame house: advantages and disadvantages

steel frame house
Did you know ? About 10% of single-family homes have a metal frame. Once reserved for industrial buildings, steel is becoming fashionable again and is now inviting itself into our homes. Timeless and understated, it blends wonderfully with other materials, such as concrete and wood. In addition, the steel house offers many advantages and few disadvantages. The scale is clearly playing in its favor!

Total architectural freedom at a lower cost

A metal structure benefits from long-span beams and has no load-bearing wall. There are therefore hardly any limits in terms of architectural choices: the realization of a steel framework offers a lot of freedom, which allows to vary the types of architecture, plans and fittings. From classic homes to designer and atypical architect houses, anything is possible. The only limit will be your budget! Here again, the good news: the average entry ticket for a steel frame house is less than € 1,000 / m2, one of the lowest costs on the construction market.
Another advantage: the duration of the work is short, which helps to make the price of these houses attractive. Lightweight, the roof is easy to install and the structure can be pre-assembled in the workshop. Finally, to dress the exterior, the possibilities are numerous: coated finish, wood or steel cladding, it's as you see fit.

Lightweight, durable, environmentally friendly and easy to maintain material

Other characteristics argue in favor of the steel frame. Due to its composition, mostly iron and carbon, steel is extremely strong and resistant. Large metal structures, earthquakes and strong winds do not scare him! In addition, the lightness of a steel frame makes it possible to adapt to all terrains.
In the environmental register, steel is 100% and infinitely recyclable. With a steel structure, the site produces little waste and the energy required to transport it is much less than that required to transport aluminum, zinc or copper. Finally, its maintenance is child's play: cleaning with water is enough, even a blow of polish for the most motivated. As for steel roofs, insensitive to fungi, they are treated against rust.

The disadvantages of steel

First disadvantage: the insulation of the roof. A steel roof offers no thermal or sound insulation. To overcome this defect, it is necessary to increase the investment in the attic.
In addition, a steel frame has lower fire resistance. A fire can alter the stability of the structure, causing a safety problem. Solutions: apply fire retardant paint or cover the structure with non-flammable materials. Very common practices.

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