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Works insurance: which one to choose according to your projects?


What insurance to choose for your work?

Changing a floor, redoing the bathroom, updating the plumbing, installing new windows… You can do a lot of renovation work in a home. To be fully protected, you need the right work insurance.

Home renovation: what work insurance?

When you decide to start renovating or expanding your home, many problems can arise on the site and cause a disaster. It is therefore essential to be well insured to avoid any problem and be able to quickly repair the damage. Look carefully at what your work insurance covers to find out if you need to take out another contract. Also check that the validity dates run from the start to the end of the work. The professionals you call on must also have book insurance. Check that this is the case by asking to see the documents if necessary. This will make sure you are well covered.

What insurance must the individual take out?

As the owner, you must take out insurance in the event of construction or renovation work in your house or apartment. If you are a non-occupying owner of the home, you will need non-occupying owner insurance. In the case of an owner-occupant, you must check that your comprehensive home and civil liability insurance policy covers the risks specific to a building site such as water damage, fire, theft, etc. not, you will have to request an extension from your insurer so that all these risks are covered.

Damage-works insurance, compulsory for which works?

Damage insurance is necessary when the work concerns the solidity of the home or its habitability. Renovation damage insurance is essential because it will allow you to be reimbursed quickly for repair work in the event of a claim. Good to know If the price of your insurance premium increases as a result of the work, you have 30 days to refuse and request the termination of your contract.

What are the insurance policies for professionals?

Just like customers, professionals must take out various work insurances in order to be able to work in complete safety. They must first have professional liability insurance. In addition to this works insurance, three others are necessary for the prime contractors: - The guarantee of perfect completion: valid for 1 year after acceptance of the site, it requires to the repair of the damages which affect for example the pipes, the pipes , coverings and walls, stairs, etc. - Equipment guarantee for proper functioning: this runs for 2 years and obliges the project manager to repair or replace any equipment that does not function well. This concerns in particular radiators, sanitary facilities, valves, etc. - The ten-year professional guarantee: this insurance is very important, because it covers various defects in construction for 10 years (infiltration, cracks, collapse). It must absolutely be valid at the time of the work. Good to know To activate the structural damage insurance, the company carrying out the work must be covered by the ten-year liability insurance. So remember to check.

What personal loan to finance its work?

Construction or renovation work can be expensive. The solution ? Borrow from a bank or a credit organization. At Finance Studio, there is a whole range of personal loan adapted to each type of work. The Finance Studio works loan is very easy to set up:

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- Validate the simulation to subscribe it and get an answer in principle immediately.

- Print or receive by mail the contract, sign it and return it by mail. The funds will then arrive quickly so that you can start your work.

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