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Window tax credit 2020: how to benefit?


Window 2020 tax credit: how does it work?

If you want your home to be well insulated, you need good windows. Their installation comes at a significant cost, but you can qualify for a window tax credit. We will explain everything to you.

The 2019 double or triple glazed window tax credit

To encourage people to change their equipment, the Government provides them with a large number of aids. Among them, the window tax credit.

Who can benefit from the tax credit?

To claim the tax credit when changing windows, you must be owner-occupant, tenant or resident free of charge. A lessor owner can also benefit from the tax credit in the event of energy renovation work for the thermal insulation of a home he owns. He must have had it for 2 years, and agree to rent it naked for at least 5 years.

How does the window tax credit work?

Until December 31, 2019, this was a tax reduction for the installation of window (s), which reduced the amount of your energy costs by a rate of 15%. This concerns equipment purchased by the professional who is in charge of the work: only equipment is counted, labor is excluded.

Window tax reduction: the 2020 energy transition tax credit (CITE)

Taxpayers who have had energy saving work done can apply a tax reduction for window work on their return.

What is CITE?

As of January 1, 2020, the energy transition tax credit becomes a flat-rate premium for low-income households and a flat-rate tax credit for other households. It applies for eligible expenses up to 8,000 euros for single persons, 16,000 euros for couples and 400 euros per additional dependent. These ceilings extend over 5 rolling years.

Who can benefit from CITE in 2020?

To be eligible for the CITE, you must reside in metropolitan France, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Réunion or Mayotte. The accommodation concerned by the work must be the main residence and be built for at least 2 years. Tenants, owners, and free occupants can benefit from this tax credit.

Window personal loan: how does it work?

Despite government assistance, it may be necessary to take out a loan to change your windows. You can then call on banks or credit institutions to finance your work. Finance Studio notably offers a window loan as part of its work loan (a personal loan ), specially provided for this expense. You can borrow from 1,500 to 75,000 euros to be repaid over 12 to 96 months. The operation is very simple:

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- The subscription request is sent, you immediately receive a response in principle.

- After receipt of the contract, by email or sending it by post, return it signed and accompanied by the necessary supporting documents.